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🗓️ On This Day - June 4th

June 4th is actually a pretty cheesy day – we’ll explain why shortly! However, it’s also a highly important day in world history and politics, as well as a great day for celebrating our pets. If you’re already celebrating a birthday, congratulations – but here are some more reasons why June 4th is so notable.

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January 7th - On this day

Up, up, and away!

On June 4th, 1783, the world’s first hot air balloon was demonstrated to the public! The Montgolfiere, a balloon devised by the Montgolfier brothers of France, flew for around ten minutes – but history was made all the same!

Dunkirk D Day Landings

Dunkirk was evacuated.

In a remarkable day for the Allied efforts during World War II, June 4th marked the end of the immense Dunkirk rescue from France in 1940 , as over 300,000 soldiers are thought to have escaped alive thanks to the mass withdrawal efforts. Don’t just watch the movie – read all about it!

Withdrawing money from ATM


June 4th marks the official patent registration day of the ATM! In 1973, inventors George Chastain, Tom Barnes, and Don Wetzel received their world-changing patent – where would we be without our quick cash withdrawal points?

The Tiananmen Square massacre

The Tiananmen Square massacre took place.

After Chinese tanks started rolling into Tiananmen Square to interrupt student protests days prior, June 4th marks a dark day for modern Eastern history. Unarmed people were killed in the name of protesting for a democratic state on this day in 1989.

The Polish Flag

Poland held free elections.

Elsewhere in the world on June 4th, 1989, Poland embraced democracy for the first time since World War II. It was on this day that the “Autumn of Nations” first started, as the trade union “Solidarity" won a key vote to start dismantling communism across the country.

Special Days Falling on June 4th

Today happens to be a fantastic day for pet lovers, as we celebrate both cats and dogs in their own special ways on June 4th! If you're not much for pets, grab a tasty cheesy treat to mark the day's close. Here are some fascinating special days you can mark on June 4th.
Cat hug

National Hug Your Cat Day

Provided your cat's willing to take part, today is ideal for you to hug your favorite feline. These fuzzy critters sometimes get a bad reputation for being predictable and demanding! However, we love them all the same. Just try not to hug them during a nap if you want to avoid a scratch!

International Corgi Day

International Corgi Day

If you’re more of a dog person than a cat person, you’re in luck. June 4th also marks International Corgi Day! This curious breed may be short and stumpy, but it’s one of the most iconic types of domestic canine on the planet. Queen Elizabeth II once made them famous – but you can adopt them all over the world.

fun facts about gloucester

National Cheese Day

Whether it’s gouda, gorgonzola, or a vegan equivalent, now’s a great chance for you to get stuck into some tasty and tangy cheese. Melt it, grate it, eat it however you wish – there’s a good chance Wallace and Gromit will be taking part in the celebrations today, too!

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