The Pub Crawl

🗓️ On This Day - June 7th

June 7th has proven to be a very important date throughout history all over the world! It also happens to be a pretty special day for chocolate ice cream lovers, fans of the French monarchy, and Shakespeare enthusiasts. We won't just leave you hanging… here's why!

On this day

King Louis XIV

France gained a new king.

On this day back in 1654, France gained a new king, one who would be remembered for the ages! King Louis XIV, also popularly known across history as the Sun King, remains one of France's most popular monarchs and one who reigned for a staggering 72 years! Did he ever take the crown off?


Gandhi took a stand.

In 1893, the legendary Mahatma Gandhi made his very first act of civil disobedience. He refused to comply with the racial segregation rules on a South African train. He was, therefore, forcibly removed at Pietermaritzburg.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Eisenhower made history!

In 1955, President Dwight D. Eisenhower became the first ever president to appear on color TV! This follows up Warren G Harding being the first US President to make a radio address (which also happened in June). Nowadays it seems you can’t switch on the TV without seeing some sort of politician!

The Pub Crawl

Pub crawling gained a new meaning!

In 2012, 16th-century remains of the Curtain Theatre – where some of William Shakespeare’s plays were first performed – were found in a London pub! We always knew we’d find treasure at the bottom of a pint of beer…!

Shark Bay Sea Grass

It turned out that Jack’s beanstalk was not the biggest plant around!

On June 7th, 2022, a study found that Shark Bay seagrass could claim the accolade for being the world’s largest plant! The gigantic growth, found off of Western Australia, covers 77 square miles (123 km) of seafloor! It’s had the time to grow that big as it appears to have been cloning itself for 4,500 years!

Special Days Falling on June 7th

What's so special about June 7th? As it happens, a lot! It's a great time to show someone you genuinely care, to keep safe around cooking, and to enjoy some sweet treats. Here's a sample!
World Caring Day

World Caring Day

We all need a little bit of much-earned TLC every now and then – and caring for others is just as important. So, today, think of all of those who don't get the care they deserve. When it comes to those who perhaps do not have others to turn to, do your best to make today special for them! And do always remember to take care of yourself, too - we tend to be harshest on ourselves, and June 7th is the perfect excuse for some self care.

World Food Safety Day

World Food Safety Day

Sadly, even today, it is still so easy to get caught out and harmed by poorly prepared or poorly kept food! On World Food Safety Day, take the time to look into how you should be storing your fresh food (such as meat and perishables), and ensure that you are doing it right! For example, did you know you should never use the same knife to cut pork as your vegetables? Tips like this can literally save lives!

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Speaking of food safety, ensure you have an extra clean bowl and spoon when you tuck into some much-needed chocolate ice cream today! You have an excuse – June 7th is the national day of this delicious dessert.

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