Flying Gang of pirates

On This Day - November 15th

Where is the year going? It seems like fall only arrived a week or so ago, and yet, the festive season will soon be upon us. We’re already halfway into the month, but before we look too quickly to the second half, here are some of the most interesting things to know about November 15th!

On this day

anne boleyn

Henry VIII was told to end his relationship

In 1532, Pope Clement VII told the English King Henry VIII to end his relationship with Anne Boleyn. She would later be imprisoned and executed – and, as many of us already know, she certainly wouldn’t be the last woman the King would marry!

Glorious Revolution

The Glorious Revolution began.

In 1688, Prince William of Orange’s army landed at Torbay in England. In so doing, the Glorious Revolution began. Believe it or not, this was one of very few revolutions during which no lives were lost! The revolution led to William of Orange co-ruling the British Empire with his wife, Mary.

Flying Gang of pirates

The Flying Gang was captured.

In 1720, the Flying Gang of pirates, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and Calico Jack, were captured by Captain Jonathan Barnet. They were later brought to the Spanish town of Jamaica for trial.

Facts about Chile

José Miguel Carrera took power.

In 1811, José Miguel Carrera took control of the Chilean government via coup d’état. In doing so, he became the country’s first-ever president. He was in office until October 1814, and would die at the young age of 35 years old just a few years later.

Facts of Brazil

The republic was proclaimed in Brazil.

In 1889, the Emperor of Brazil, Dom Pedro II, was deposed. The republic was then proclaimed in the nation, but more on that later!

Special Days Falling on November 15th

November 15th is also very much about celebrating. Here are some of the biggest celebrations and commemorations taking place around the world today.
Day of the Imprisoned Writer

Day of the Imprisoned Writer

Day of the Imprisoned Writer takes place every November 15th all over the world. The day is there to raise awareness about censorship and the persecution of writers around the globe. Journalists and authors who face criticism, persecution, and violence simply for writing and disclosing facts and opinions has long been an issue, and even today, it is a problem that writers in countries around the planet continue to face.

Facts of Brazil

Republic Proclamation Day

For the people of Brazil, November 15th is Republic Proclamation Day. On this very day back in 1889, the opposition used a military coup d’état to overthrow Emperor Pedro II. In so doing, they established a provisional government, which became the Republic of the United States of Brazil. Even today, the day is known as the day that the republic in Brazil was born!

Steve Irwin

Steve Irwin Day

November 15th, every year, people all over the world gather to celebrate the great man that was Steve Irwin. For those of you who may have grown up after he passed away and may not be familiar with him, Irwin was known to millions as the “Crocodile Hunter” – and was famous for teaching people all over the world about wildlife, various ecosystems, and the importance of protecting and respecting all forms of life across the planet. His legacy lives on in people continuing to care for the animals of the world and the ecosystems we strive to protect!

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