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On This Day - November 27th

November can be a draining month for many of us. For many people living in the upper hemisphere, it’s a month with no school holidays, shorter days, and darker weather. But it is also a wonderful month full of interesting events and historical moments. For example, here are some of the most interesting things about November 27th you’re going to want to remember.

On this day

the Battle of Westrozebeke/

The Battle of Westrozebeke/Roosebeke took place.

In 1382, the Battle of Westrozebeke/Roosebeke took place. During this conflict, the French army defeated Flemish forces – Flemish leader Philip Van Artevelde was eventually killed, and his corpse was displayed as a grim reminder of what took place.

Facts of Portugal

The Portuguese Royal Family escaped Napoleon.

In 1807, the Portuguese Royal Family and its court of nearly 15,000 people left Lisbon to escape invading Napoleonic troops. They went to their colony in Brazil – and, of course, Napoleon himself would eventually face exile some years later.


The Nobel Prize was established.

Did you know that Alfred Nobel never got to see any awards given out in his name? In 1895, the will of Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist, established the Nobel Prize. The prize remains one of the most prestigious awards in the world to this day, offered to recipients in several different categories.

Milk and Moscone

Milk and Moscone were assassinated.

George Moscone, then-San Francisco mayor, and Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person elected over in California, were assassinated on this day back in 1978. Milk's life and work have since been honored on the big screen.

liver transplant

A living liver transplant took place!

In a world's first, November 27th, 1989, saw a liver transplanted from one live donor to another. Alyssa Smith, just 21 months old at the time, received a transplant from her mother Teresa. The operation was a success, and it's a procedure that's been repeated multiple times over the years.

Special Days Falling on November 27th

November 27th is the perfect day to gather with loved ones, commemorate with strangers, and appreciate all this great day has to bring us. Here are some of the most interesting events taking place today.
Sea Turtle

Turtle Adoption Day

For people all over the world, every November 27th is Turtle Adoption Day – and the occasion raises awareness about the protection of these endangered reptiles. Protecting them and their homes is of the utmost importance, and today is the perfect day to find out more about what you can do to help these creatures and the charities dedicated to their protection.

Flag of United Kingdom - 'The Union Jack'

Lancashire Day

For the people of the UK, every November 27th is Lancashire Day! The day is mostly celebrated in the county of Lancashire – oddly enough! Town criers even announce the beginning of the Lancashire Day celebrations – an excuse for street parties and to enjoy all kinds of weird and wonderful local food.

beef jerky

National Craft Jerky Day

And, for the people of the US, November 27th is National Craft Jerky Day. This holiday celebrates homemade beef jerky using simple and classic recipes that families often pass down through the generations! Jerky is a classic snack in the US, often consumed on road trips and in bars – today’s a great day to try the smoky treat if you’ve never had the chance before.

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This month in history

In 1718, Blackbeard, the famous pirate, was killed off the coast of North Carolina. Lt. Governor Alexander Spotswood of Virginia had sent two sloops to kill him. Lt. Robert Maynard killed Blackbeard himself in a fight. And yes – Blackbeard was indeed a real person, despite what you might have heard!

Famous Birthdays on November 27th

Emperor Xiaozong, 11th emperor of the Song dynasty in China, born 1127

Anders Celsius, Swedish astronomer, born 1701

Bruce Lee, American martial arts legend, born 1940

Jimi Hendrix, American musician, born 1942

Kathryn Bigelow, American director, born 1951

If you were born on November 27th…
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