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synthetic rubber

Fritz Hofmann’s patent bounced into public view.

In 1909, the world’s very first patent for synthetic rubber was granted to German chemist Fritz Hofmann. He’d later receive the Emil Fischer Medal, a high honor from the German Chemical Society, for his work and research.

Atomic blast

Leó Szilárd came up with a world-changing nuclear idea.

In 1933, Leó Szilárd got the idea for a nuclear chain reaction while waiting at a red light on Southampton Row, in Bloomsbury – he’d later go on to apply for the patent for the nuclear reactor with Enrico Fermi, and even worked with Albert Einstein.

Lascaux Cave Paintings

Four teenagers made an incredible archaeological discovery.

In 1940, four teenagers near Lascaux in France reportedly followed their dog down a hole. Little did they know at the time that they were about to discover 17,000-year-old drawings! These were the Lascaux Cave Paintings.

facts about Arkansas

Arkansas faced racial integration.

In 1958, the US Supreme Court ordered what was once the all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, to integrate. However, Governor Orval Faubus mobilized the National Guard in Arkansas to prevent the nine African American students about to join the school from integrating.

interesting facts about The Moon

The USSR sent the first spacecraft to impact the Moon!

In 1959, the USSR launched the Luna 2! It was the first spacecraft ever to impact the Moon. Just ten years later, the US would be sending people there – an unbelievable feat in such a short time!

Special Days Falling on September 12th

September 12th is more than just your average date on the calendar. In fact, for many people all over the world, it’s a day for celebration and togetherness. Let’s take a look at why.
Facts about the United Nations

United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation

Every September 12th, multiple countries around the world celebrate United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation. The day honors peace and cooperation between countries in the developing south and reminds us all to do what we can to help impoverished countries that need our solidarity.

Police Women

National Police Woman’s Day

September 12th is also a day to honor policewomen and the incredible work they do in forces around the world. Yet, every day they still face sexism and misogynist threats from force to force. So, today we honor those women, their strength, their work, and all they do to keep us all safe.

playing video games to lose weight?

Video Games Day

Video games are more than just kids’ stuff these days – and September 12th marks a date on which fellow gamers can come together and enjoy a few button-bashing laughs. Whether you’ve never quite beaten the original Mario games, or you’re still yet to finish Tears of The Kingdom, now’s a great time to set an hour or so aside to get gaming.

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This month in history

The penny press began printing. In 1833, the New York Sun newspaper was published and marked the beginning of affordable newspapers being sold on sidewalks by newspaper boys. Considering we can get most of our news online these days, how things change!

Famous Birthdays on September 12th

Henry Hudson, English navigator and explorer, born 1565

Irène Joliot-Curie, French chemist and physicist, born 1897

Jesse Owens, American gold medal athlete, born 1913

Hans Zimmer, German composer, born 1957

Jennifer Hudson, American singer and actor, born 1981

If you were born on September 12th…


…you’re a Virgo! You are kind, selfless, sensitive, loyal, and all the best things one wants in a friend and partner! But when the going gets tough, you know how to whip a team into shape! You just need to learn how to take some time out for yourself and to ease up on perfectionism occasionally!


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