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On This Day - September 27th

As we’re well into September, most of us are just waiting for the month to end and to get closer to the end of October! But, it would be a shame to let this September 27th pass as it is one of the most interesting dates in the year. Here are some of the things you should know about September 27th, whether or not you’re already celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or otherwise.

On this day

Gulf of Chihli Earthquake

An earthquake hit the Gulf of Chihli.

In 1290, an earthquake struck the Gulf of Chihli near China. It reportedly killed around 100,000 people!

The Battle of Bussaco

The Battle of Bussaco took place

In 1810, the Battle of Bussaco unfolded, during which Arthur Wellesley’s Army (comprised of English and Portuguese forces) defeated the albeit larger French militia helmed by Marshal André Masséna. The French reportedly suffered a loss, with over 4,500 people dead and wounded.

Facts about the Rosetta Stone

Jean-François Champollion deciphered ancient Egyptian writings

In 1822, French scholar Jean-François Champollion announced that he had managed to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics! He did so using the Rosetta Stone, an ancient tablet that’s been used to help decipher messages and inscriptions dating back centuries. It’s now in the British Museum.

William Howard Taft

President William Howard Taft made important conservation efforts.

In 1909, US President William Howard Taft set aside about three million acres of oil-rich public land. He did so for conservation reasons – rescinding previous Presidential intentions to reserve federal land for dam sites.

The Hindenburg attack

The Hindenburg attack marked the final attack of World War I.

In what is thought by many to be the last offensive strategy of World War I, forces under British occupation attacked the Hindenburg Line. Sadly, it wouldn’t be the last time the world was at war – but, for a while, September 27th, 1918 was a landmark event.

Special Days Falling on September 27th

September 27th is full of special days! Don’t believe us? Here are just some of the special occasions being marked all over the world right now.
Flag of Belgium

Day of the French Community

Every September 27th is the Day of the French Community, but believe it or not, this day is not actually celebrated in France! It is, in fact, a Belgian holiday! The holiday has been celebrated for over 40 years and commemorates the moment the royal army was unable to recapture Brussels from the Walloon revolutionaries during the Belgian Revolution.

facts about mecca

Milad an-Nabi

September 27th is also Milad an-Nabi! Muslims around the world celebrate the day as the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. The holiday is usually celebrated with flags and ceremonies at national monuments, and some countries even choose to host carnival-like events!

Sailing in to the sunset

World Tourism Day

Tourism plays an important role in economies around the world. And, for many of us, visiting new places really makes life worth living! More than that, tourism also allows us to learn more about other cultures far away from our own. We learn about other customs, become better educated, and hopefully more respectful and understanding of others. That is why having accessible tourism for everyone is so important!

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