The Battle of Borodino

On This Day - September 7th

The first full week of September is drawing to a close, and for many of you out there, September 7th is likely to be a day of celebration. But why else should we mark 9/7? To save you some time and research, here are some crucial facts and stats about today that might just surprise you. Lucky number seven, here we come… here’s hoping it’s a lucky day for you, too.

On this day

The Treaty of Baden

The Treaty of Baden was signed.

In 1714, the Treaty of Baden was signed by France and the Holy Roman Empire. With the signing of the treaty came the end of the War of the Spanish Succession. France retained Alsace and Landau, and Austria gained the east bank of the Rhine.

The Battle of Borodino

The Battle of Borodino took place.

In 1812, the Battle of Borodino took place, in which Napoleon Bonaparte won against the Russian General Mikhail Kutuzov. It was considered to be the most ferocious battle of the Napoleonic era, with over 70,000 people killed.

Facts of Brazil

Brazil became independent.

In 1822, Brazil became independent from Portugal once Pedro I, the son of King Joao VI declared it so! But, more on that later!

interesting facts about Uluru, Australia

Australia suffered a “day of humiliation.”

In 1902, Australia observed what they called a “day of humiliation.” The nation gathered to pray for rains as a severe drought killed livestock and threatened crops across the nation. Thankfully, the nation’s crops have bounced back majorly since then, though Australia has suffered with devastating wildfires in the decades since.

a map of Tibet and Nepal showing the Himalayan Mountains

Britain forced an important hand in Tibet.

In 1904, British forces placed in Tibet forced the Dalai Lama into signing a treaty. The treaty granted Britain posts to trade from in Tibet and guaranteed the nation could not concede its territory to foreign powers.

Special Days Falling on September 7th

September 7th is a day for celebration, as much as it is for remembering important historical moments. Here are some of the biggest events taking place all over the globe right now.
Facts of Brazil

Brazil Independence Day

In Brazil, September 7th is known as Sete de Setembro, and it is the date that commemorates Brazil’s independence from Portugal since 1822. There are flags and banners being waved all over the country today, and there’s likely to be plenty of singing and dancing in the streets.

interesting facts

Indigenous Literacy Day

Every September 7th is also Indigenous Literacy Day in Australia. The day was launched by Australia’s Indigenous Literacy Foundation, which aims to improve the lives and opportunities for Indigenous Australians. To this day, fewer than 65% of Aboriginal Australians are literate in English.

Daisy field

International Day of Clean Air

Take a deep breath – around the world today, millions of people are also honoring International Day of Clean Air. The occasion exists to remind us how much work is left to be done to ensure we all have access to breathable air without fear of toxins. Take the time today to look into what we can all do to reduce air pollution and see how you can help!

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