Tropical fish fun facts

catfish in night mode
19 Jan

14 Cunning Facts about Catfish

The catfish is a curious beast – hence the name! While the term is popularly used to describe an unscrupulous online dating technique these days, catfish themselves have fascinated marine biologists for decades. With the following fun facts about catfish, you’re about to find out why – so let’s dive in. 1. The cat’s whiskers! …
a smiling stingray
18 Jan

15 Stunning Facts About Stingrays

Stingrays – deadly or delightful? These fascinating marine animals really can pack an electric punch – but there’s more to them than just a simple sting in the tail. Here are some fun facts about stingrays that might just help you in a quiz or two… 1. They have famous family members. Stingrays are fish …
Fun fact about Tropical Fish
6 Dec

15 Top Facts About Tropical Fish

Inspired by a certain Pixar movie and fancy taking a look at some fin-tastic new additions to your home tank? It’s time to look up a few fun facts about tropical fish that might surprise you – and who knows, they may even inspire you to start a whole new aquarium! 1. We’ve been keeping …