Breakfast Foods That Help Weight Loss

5 Breakfast Foods That Help Weight Loss

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the truth is that in many ways, it is! When it comes to weight loss, a lot of people assume that abandoning the cereal and the toast and fasting through the morning is the way to go, and for some people, intermittent fasting can work; however, it is best to start your day right with foods that will give you the energy and the sugar, to help you throughout the day.

The key to a good breakfast for weight loss is balance. Yes, you need calories in the morning to break the fast from the night before and to sustain you throughout the day. However, knowing what to eat will help you feel fuller for longer, keep you going as your day starts, and give you something to look forward to every morning!

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the very best foods to have for breakfast that can help you lose weight.

1. Grab some red fruit.

As you may know, red fruit is full of antioxidants that have proven to lower cholesterol, hypertension and could even help to lower the risk of certain cancers and brain disease.

However, as a breakfast food, they are also packed full of fiber! Having more fiber in your diet is a fantastic way to help with weight loss as it can reduce your appetite, giving you a sensation of feeling fuller for longer. Moreover, it is also fantastic at keeping your gut healthy!

Of course, anything such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc, are very good for you, but raspberries are the fruits that have proven to have the most fiber in them, making them the best option for your breakfast.

a cup of raspberries - a great way to start the day

2. Porridge leads the way.

If you use social media regularly, then chances are that you have seen lots of videos of people trying to make porridge in many different appetizing ways.

The truth is that you could do with taking a longer look at those videos, as oatmeal is fantastic for weight loss! It is filled with fiber which, again, keeps you feeling full.

Moreover, it is known as a ‘slow-release carbohydrate’, which is excellent for maintaining your blood sugar levels. Since your insulin won’t spike (and high insulin signals to your body that it needs to store more fat), you will lose weight quicker.

3. Try some yogurt.

Although most of us see yogurts as being a tasty treat, that does not mean that they are not great for weight loss!

Yogurt contains protein which is great for making your feel full and is also ideal for building muscle. It contains whey protein which is specifically found in yogurt and other forms of dairy.

yogurt and red berries! Even better for breakfast

4. Start your day on an egg!

Eggs are a go-to for many people on a morning as they can be cooked in various delicious ways and are fantastic breakfast foods! They naturally contain around six grams of protein and only about seventy calories. That protein will help to keep you feeling full without having to deal with a lot of calories.

You may see a lot of people choosing to only have the egg whites to save on calories even more, and yes, they will. However, you will also lose about half of the protein, which will leave you feeling hungry sooner, not to mention the nutrients that you will lose in the process, including calcium and antioxidants.

half a dozen eggs. a weight loss staple!

5. Go nuts for butter!

Generally speaking, when one thinks of weight loss, one wouldn’t automatically think of peanut butter; however, studies have shown that this tasty spread is actually very good for weight loss.

As you may know, nuts contain a lot of healthy fats, protein and fiber. They do also contain quite a lot of calories, especially in peanut butter; however, by having one to two tablespoons on a morning, you will get the protein, fiber and healthy fats you need to help you feel full, maintain your blood sugar levels, and feel good, for under two hundred calories.

Simply having it on whole wheat bread (which is also a slow-release carbohydrate and therefore a good breakfast food), or even adding nuts to your porridge, will help with weight loss.

Do you know any weight loss secrets? Share them in the comments below!

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