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17 Key Facts About Kenya

Kenya is celebrated for its scenic landscapes and abundant wildlife, drawing tourists from around the world with its big game reserves and safari parks.

The local Kenyan people are diverse, friendly and welcoming, willing to share their culture and heritage to eager tourists.  Looking to learn more about this colorful country? Here’s some fun facts about Kenya to get you started on your journey.

1. Where is Kenya, anyway?

Kenya is a wildlife-rich country in East Africa.

It is bordered by Sudan to the northeast, Ethiopia to the north, Somalia to the east, Tanzania to the south and Uganda to the west. It also has a coastline along the Indian Ocean to the southeast.

2. Here’s what your compass needs to know.

The coordinates for Kenya are 1.2667° S, 36.8000°

3. The terrain is amazingly diverse.

The terrain here consists mostly of low plains, with central highlands and fertile plateau in the west. The land here also features deserts, forests, mountains and swamps!

Flag of Kenya
Flag of Kenya

4. Kenya is absolutely massive.

The total land area of Kenya is 224,081 square miles (580,367 square kilometers).
Kenya’s population was 54.03 million in 2022.

5. It’s a tribal nation.

A country steeped in culture and tradition, there are more than 40 tribes in Kenya, many with their own dialect and style of music!

6. The first toolbox was opened here!

Kenya’s home to stone tools that are reportedly more than 3.3 million years old – incredible!

7. Dowries have importance here.

It is still commonplace for a dowry to be paid by an expectant groom to the bride’s family. This usually consists of cows and must make up around 5 years worth of the groom’s expected income!

8. What’s Kenya’s main city?

The capital is Nairobi which covers an area of 269 square miles (696 square kilometers) and has a population of 4,397,073 million (2019).

9. There’s a healthy life span.

The average life span here is 61.43 years (2021).

Parklands, Nairobi, Kenya
Parklands, Nairobi, Kenya

10. It’s either sweltering or dry!

The climate varies throughout the country, with the coastal region experiencing a tropical climate, whilst the rest of the country is semiarid to arid.

11. Two seasons are enough!

There are only two seasons in Kenya; the rainy season is from November until May, whilst the dry season is from June until October.

12. Let’s go look for animals!

A country famous for safari tourism, it is possible to see elephants, zebras, cheetahs, lions, hippos, rhinos, giraffes and many more animals in their natural habitat here.

A Kenyan safari, with Giraffe in shot

13. Cold drinks? No thanks…

Apparently, Kenyans often drink beverages that are either hot or at room temperature, but rarely cold!

14. They don’t even drink their own coffee here!

Despite coffee being a major export of Kenya, locals prefer to drink tea or beer… all the more for us coffee lovers!

15. English is widely spoken in Kenya.

The official languages of Kenya are English and Swahili, although many indigenous languages are spoken here, too.

busy traffic in Nairobi
Nairobi traffic

16. Change up your money!

The Kenyan Shilling is the official currency here.

17. Here’s what you need to know about Kenya’s industry.

Kenya grows tea, coffee, wheat and corn, rears cattle, produces dairy products and catches fish.

Its industry consists of tourism, small-scale consumer goods, oil refining and agricultural product processing.

Kenya also exports tea, coffee, horticultural products, petroleum products and fish.

FAQs about Kenya

Is Kenya safe to visit?

Kenya can be safe for tourists, but with any major cities, there’s always some crime - so be careful.

What’s Kenya best known for?

Kenya is perhaps best known for its amazing animals! The wildlife here is rich and diverse. Take a look!

Is Kenya a third world country?

Technically, yes - but as it is growing prosperous, its status is likely to change.

Do you know any fun facts about Kenya?  Share them in the comments below!

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