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42 Incredible Household DIY Hacks Everyone Should Know

Everyday we can stumble upon tiny, little problem situations that need resolving. Often we lack ideas that would make us feel useful. It’s always quicker and better to do things ourselves and that’s where these DIY hacks come in handy and make our lives easier.

Sometimes you won’t even realise that the solution to your problem is right there, in front of your eyes. Time to start ‘thinking outside the box’ to simplify your life! Here’s a selection of incredible DIY hacks everyone should know:

  1. Use a paper clip to find the end of the sticky-tape roll easily.
  2. Use velcro strips to avoid your kids and pets from constantly moving your rugs. It’s especially useful and safe in the bathroom – no one will slip on the bathroom rug.
  3. Fill your bathroom with fresh aroma by placing a few drops of essential oil on the cardboard tube of your toilet paper roll.

DIY Hacks

  1. Use a wine bottle rack for a unique towel holder. Roll the towels and place them as though they’re wine bottles.
  2. Place a rubber band around an open paint can to wipe your brush on, and keep paint off the side of the can. Paint like a professional!
  3. Use unscented dental floss to cut the cake, cheese, and soft solids to perfection.
  4. Cut open toilet paper rolls and use them as cuffs to save wrapping paper and keep it from unrolling.
  1. Stop burning yourselves with those hard to reach low candles, light a spaghetti stick, and then light the candle.
  2. When you want to hang something on the wall with exact holes, photocopy the back and use it as a template.
  3. Use a clothes-pin to hold the nail while you’re hammering.
  4. Clean your microwave with ease by filling a bowl with water and microwaving it for 2 to 3 minutes. The steam will soften any dried food.

DIY Clean Hacks

  1. Use a cheese grater for cold butter.
  2. Expand your kitchen space with a cutting board in a drawer.
  3. Use a shot glass to peel a kiwi.
  4. Use a laundry basket for your toddler’s bath. That way the bath toys will stay in one place.
  5. Secure shirt buttons with see-through nail polish.
  6. Leave a teabag in your shoes to banish foot odor.
  7. Find a lost earring by putting tights over the vacuum cleaner.
  8. Use a frozen sponge in a plastic bag as an icepack.
Fun Home Hacks

A handy icepack?

  1. Cool your beer down in no time by wrapping it in a wet paper towel or napkin before putting it in the fridge. The beer will be ice-cold in about 15 minutes.
  2. Line the bottom of the trash can with paper to prevent leaks.
  3. Use duct tape to open a jar. Wrap a little bit around the lid and pull!
  4. Use Coca-Cola to clean your toilet. It’s is perfect for cleaning the grime out of your toilet.
  5. Use a dustpan to fill a bucket with water. Place the bucket on the floor and use the dustpan to direct the water.
  6. Grab a walnut and rub it on the scratch of your wooden furniture. It will clear the damage right out.
  7. Shine your car headlights with toothpaste.
  8. Clean your taps with a bag of vinegar. Attach the bag of vinegar to the tap with a rubber band and leave it overnight. When you remove it in the morning you’ll see a shining surface.
DIY Scratch removal

DIY Scratch removal… with a walnut!

  1. Keep pasta from boiling over with a wooden spoon. Just put a wooden spoon on the edge of the pot to stop it from boiling over.
  2. If you can’t find your bottle opener use an old bottle cap to open the drink.
  3. Fix a too-short shower curtain with some extra rings to extend its length.
  4. Remove pits from cherries with a regular funnel to pop the stones out.
  5. Put command hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors and store your pot lids there.
  6. Improve the grip of your wrench with a coin. Put a coin into the gap and start tightening.
  7. Unclog your kitchen sink with a dishwasher tablet. Let it dissolve in your sink with some hot water. It’ll get rid of the filth in your drain.
  8. White water stains on wood can be “dried” with a hairdryer. Finish by wiping the surface with oil to moisten it.
DIY home hacks

Who knew toothpaste could be so handy around the home?!

  1. To wash your French press and tea strainer, soak them in water with citric acid for an hour.
  2. To save your luggage from leaky bottles unscrew the bottle top and place a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening, and screw the cap back on.
  3. When your toothpaste tube is getting empty slide a hair pin along the length of the tube to move the toothpaste to the opening.
  4. Nail holes in white walls can be concealed with toothpaste.
  5. If your batteries are the wrong size use aluminum foil to fill in the gap.
  6. Put a spring from an old pen on your iPhone charger cable and it won’t bend and break.
  7. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to improvise a sprinkler, just stick a hose into a plastic bottle with some holes punched into it.

Do you have any interesting or fun DIY hacks that we’ve missed?  Share them here in the comments section below!

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