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14 Incredible Household DIY Hacks Everyone Should Know

Life doesn’t have to be so hard – in fact, there are a few different ways in which you can make everyday tasks that little bit easier. You may well have heard of a few ‘hacks’ to help speed up chores and the like – and believe us, there are plenty that works! Check out our selection of hacks and tips below and try them for yourself.

1. Making butter grate!

Ever struggled slicing into butter and spreading it? Try using a cheese grater on really tough blocks of the stuff!

2. Suck it up!

Lost jewelry such as earrings or piercings on the floor? Wrap tights or pantyhose around the end of a vacuum hose, and it’ll pick it up without sucking it away.

3. Toothpaste – a car’s best friend?

Are your car’s headlights looking a little bit dull? Believe it or not, you can quickly give them a bit of extra sheen by gently rubbing toothpaste over the glass!

a swipe of toothpaste

4. A light bit of pasta!

If you find lighting candles a bit fiddly, have you ever tried using spaghetti to help? Maybe not! However, if you light the end of a spaghetti strand, you can use it to ignite candles without getting too close safely.

5. We’ve got you pegged.

If you constantly struggle to hold a nail still while hammering, make sure you have a clothes peg to hand. It’ll keep it in place while you whack away!

6. Go light on lids!

Want to tidy away spatulas and pan lids? The answer lies in vertical space and hooks – why not attach them to the inside of cupboard doors so you can tidy them away from view?

7. Use soda to clear up a sink.

There are many different ways to unclog a sink without paying for expensive chemicals or other solutions. Did you know that you can use fizzy pop or soda to burn through anything likely to be clogging up the interior? Or, you could use a dishwasher tablet soaking in some hot water to the same effect.

8. Soda works in the bathroom, too!

The soda trick also works well if you want to clean your toilet without resorting to bleach. Spray it around the inner rim, and it’ll help burn off any nasty, lingering stains.

9. Wave goodbye to cable catastrophes.

Phone charger cables can be notoriously easy to snap, bend and break. However, if you’ve ever broken a pen, be sure to save the spring! Slide this over the end of your phone cable, and it’ll be protected against nuisance fraying.

a can of cola

10. Top opens top opens top!

The bottle caps of beer and soft drinks often can be used to open fresh bottles – now that’s what we call recycling!

11. Good for teeth – great for cake!

It’s always important to floss, but did you know that you can also use dental floss to cut through soft food? If you find cake or cheese crumbles when you try to slice through it, why not use dental floss for a clean slice?

12. Making light work of microwaves with a lemon clean.

Cleaning the microwave can be a bit of a nightmare if you find that you have to scrub it down every so often. Instead, try filling a bowl with lemon water and letting it run for two to three minutes. Once it’s finished, wipe any stains away with ease with a cloth. This works well on dried-on food.


13. Don’t struggle for that last pinch!

Getting the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube can be a real pain – in which case, it’s time to reach for a hairpin or paperclip and to attach it to the end, squeezing along as you go.

14. Keep it dental and fill in your walls!

Speaking of toothpaste, if you have trouble hiding holes in the wall, it’s easier to reach for a bit of the squeeze stuff than to invest in wall filler outright.


Do you know any interesting or fun DIY hacks that we’ve missed? Share them in the comments below!

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