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14 Captivating Facts about Dairy Cows

Dairy cows are some of the most common cattle you will find worldwide.  Often notable for their black and white markings, millions of people depend on these animals for milk production each and every day.  But there’s actually more to dairy cows than many of us may be aware of.

Here’s our 14 interesting facts about dairy cows, which should give you an insight into their cud-chewing, heavy-grazing lives!

  1. Dairy cows will vary in size, but you can generally expect them to tip the scales in a region of anywhere up to 1,800lbs. Generally, you’ll find them to weigh in at around 1,500lbs.
  2. Dairy cows will likely need to guzzle down around 100lbs of food each day if it is to produce milk.
  3. The food that a cow will eat is generally recycled ingredients, such as pulps and seeds.

facts about dairy cows

  1. Generally, you will find that black and white dairy cows make up the majority of the herd. In fact, in the UK, this breed is said to make up to 90% of all cows in the country.
  2. Dairy cows in the UK are thought to produce around 39 pints of milk each day on average.
  3. A dairy cow is likely to spend most of its time chewing – around 50 times a minute, meaning that cows are likely to cram their time with keeping their jaw muscles active!
  1. Cows are incredible smellers. It’s thought that a dairy cow can pick up smells from miles away – trumping our own olfactory senses by a fair distance!
  2. Dairy cows are thought to be able to see in 360-degree panoramas. You can’t sneak up on a cow without it spotting you first!
  3. Cows are amazingly social. They have best friends, and they will often remember scores of cattle they see each day.

facts about cows

  1. There have been all kinds of tests and studies done over the years to see what can help cows to produce more milk. Some dairy farmers found that cows tend to produce more milk if they listen to classical music, for example!
  2. Cows are naturally adept at coping well in the winter thanks to their thick skins. However, in summer, they may need a bit of a helping hand – or hoof – in cooling down.
  3. Cows which produce milk are likely going to need gallons of water to drink each day. For example, a lactating dairy cow is likely going to demand up to 50 gallons of water to keep healthy.  This might be enough to fill a bath!

fun facts about cows

  1. Milking cows is a long process, or, at least it is by hand. There are now milking machines which can ensure up to 100 cows are milked per hour, an increase from six cows milked by hand.
  2. Dairy cows have exactly the same number of teeth as the average human adult. That is, barring a few specific examples here and there!  However, it’s not often a cow will flash you a grin!

Do you know any fun or interesting facts about dairy cows that we’ve missed?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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