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42 Essential Facts about Eagles

Have you ever seen an eagle flying high in the sky, gliding graciously in the air? If you have, then you’ve witnessed something amazing! Seeing these exquisite birds fly is a once in a lifetime experience! They’re expert flyers and hunters admired all around the world.

Eagles are living symbols of dominance, freedom, and transcendence. They’re commonly known as the strongest birds of prey. How did they earn this title? For their remarkable ability to find the balance between aggression and gracefulness! Finding balance is something we should all learn, so here are 42 interesting facts about eagles that might teach us a thing or two on how to find our inner balance…

  1. Eagles are known as some of the largest existing birds.
  2. They’ve righteously earned their place at the top of the food chain, with some eagle species even feeding on big prey like monkeys and sloths.
  3. Eagles can detect prey up to two miles away with their amazing eyesight.
fun facts about eagles

White tailed eagle

  1. There are approximately 60 different species of eagles in the family Accipitridae.
  2. Eagles are mostly found in Eurasia and Africa. Only 14 species are found in other areas like North, Central and South America, and Australia.
  3. Eagles are generally larger than other birds of prey, with the exemption of some vultures.
  4. Eagles have got strong muscular legs, mighty talons, and big hooked beaks that enable them to rip the flesh from their prey.
  5. One of the smallest species of eagles is the little eagle around 45–55 cm. The Stellers sea eagle on the other hand is around 91–106 cm in size, and wingspan reaching approximately 2–2.5 m.
  6. The eyesight is one of the strongest eagle’s sights. Their eyes take up almost 50% of the head and can weigh just the same as a human eye.


  1. They’ve got 4–5 times better vision than that of a human.
  2. Their vision is so accurate that they can spot a rabbit up to 3.2km away. Now, that’s an impressive sight!
  3. Angled 30 degrees away from centre of the face, eagle eyes have a greater field of view.
  4. Eagles can detect UV light and see five basic colors.
  5. Cones are light-sensing cells that are sensitive to color. One of the major reasons that eagles have enhanced vision is because their retinas have more cones.
  6. Eagles have one million cones per square millimetre, while humans only have 200,000.

interesting facts about Eagles

  1. Eagles have to think not to grip, whereas humans have to think to grip.
  2. An eagle’s grip is 10 times as powerful as ours, so if they decide that they’re gripping onto us then we’ll have a hard time removing them.
  3. They can usually lift large prey, but the largest types of eagles can lift prey up to around 5lbs.
  1. Eagles generally mate for life because they’re monogamous.
  2. Mating pairs of eagles tend to reuse the same nest year after year due to their site’s fidelity.
  3. Both male and female eagles build their nests, comprised of sticks, vegetation, and downy feathers.
Fun Eagle Facts

Golden Eagle

  1. Every eagle species choose their own specific nest location.
  2. Bald eagles nest in high trees, while golden eagles favour cliff faces or more open areas.
  3. The most preferable location for the Golden Eagle to build its nest is on the top of cliffs.
  4. Why the high nest location? To stay away from predators and also, to stay close to a food source.
  5. The Bald Eagle’s nest is up to gigantic 13 feet deep, 8.2 wide and it weighs 1.1 tons. Now, that’s hard work and a lot of sticks!
  6. Different eagle species lay a different number of eggs. But many eagles lay between one and three eggs, four eggs are a rare occurrence.

Eagle Facts

  1. Being apex predators, eagles’ diet varies upon species and the availability of food. Eagles are all carnivorous and live on meat or a fish diet.
  2. Eagles can be separated into four groups: sea, booted, snake, and giant forest eagles.
  3. Booted eagles have a fairly wide diet involving birds, small mammals, reptiles, rodents, amphibians, and insects, while others are more restricted.
  4. Sea or fish eagles feed commonly on a fish diet whereas snake eagles’ speciality is capturing reptiles.
  5. Giant forest eagles feed on various animals of the forest.
  6. The Harpy eagle, one of the largest, feeds on bigger animals like monkeys, sloths, and coatis.

Facts about eagles

  1. Eagles have a super-strong beak, meaning that they can easily tear through flesh and rip their prey apart!
  2. To catch their prey, eagles use clever tactics. That’s why they’re known as fierce hunters.
  3. They’re prey catching tactics include diving in front of the Sun throughout their attack so their prey is blinded.
  4. Eagles never let their hunger overrule their tactical thinking and cunning abilities.
  5. The bald eagle is recognizable for its white head feathers.
  6. The name of the bald eagle comes from the English word “piebald” which means “white-headed.” How about calling them the white-headed?

interesting facts about eagles

  1. In the Bible, eagles are regarded as a symbol of mercy and divine power.
  2. It’s believed that to have faith in God is to soar high like an eagle.
  3. Representing courage, freedom, immense strength, and skill, eagles are often found on state flags.

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