interesting facts about Kazakhstan

15 Kooky Facts about Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a marvelous country found way out east – and while it may have been brought to Westerners’ attentions through the comedy movie Borat, there’s a lot more to Kazakhstan than you think. Here are some fun facts about Kazakhstan to clue up on!

1. Let’s not beat around the bush – Kazakhstan is massive.

Kazakhstan really is enormous. It’s around 2.7 million square km large, which equate to around 1.04 million square miles – impossibly large!

2. It shares a huge amount of borders.

Kazakhstan doesn’t have a coast. However, its borders are really interesting. You’re able to travel in and out of Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan via the country. Perfect for exploring, then!

3. It’s the biggest of its kind.

Taking into account the two facts above, and you’ll find that Kazakhstan is actually the biggest landlocked country on the planet!

Facts about Kazakhstan

Flag of Kazakhstan

4. What do people normally speak in Kazakhstan?

When visiting Kazakhstan, be aware that there are two main languages commonly spoken across the country. These are Russian and – naturally – Kazakh. Better start swotting up, then!

5. Metal and oil are very big deals out here in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan’s exports are pretty varied, though it mainly offers metal and machinery – but it tends to make a lot of money back from exporting oil and its various products, too. You’ll also find that Kazakhstan sells local grain, too.

Kazakhstan is an amazing mine for all kinds of precious and sought-after metals. They’re known for producing manganese, chromite, iron ore, titanium, copper and more! They even have coal mines – a fantastic natural resource for power!

6. The space race started here.

Kazakhstan has an impressive part to play in space exploration history. It was from here that Yuri Gagarin, the very first person to explore space, was sent into orbit on the legendary Sputnik 1.

7. Everything’s bigger in… Kazakhstan??

If you thought Texas was big, get ready for Kazakhstan to put it right in its place. It’s around four times the size of the state!

8. Skate up on high if you dare!

Kazakhstan is well-known for having an incredible ice rink – it’s right up in the heavens! The highest ice rink on the planet is out here, and there have been all kinds of world records set, too.

9. It was once a soviet state.

Kazakhstan was once part of the USSR or Soviet Union, however, it gained independence in 1991.

Fun Facts about Kazakhstan

10. Nearly two million people live out in the big city.

The biggest city in Kazakhstan is Almaty. It has a population of over 1.8 million people, according to statistics and records from 2018!

11. It really is closely linked to Russia.

The border Kazakhstan shares with Russia is absolutely gigantic. It’s around 4,750 miles long!

12. Some of the cities here are very, very old indeed.

Kazakhstan is home to some extremely old cities. Some of them go all the way back to 300 BC – staggering!

Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan

Charyn Canyon, Kazakhstan

13. Pick a continent, any continent!

Kazakhstan is one of few countries to officially sit in two different continents. That’s because, like Russia, it is big enough to stretch across Asia and Europe!

14. No horsing around!

Kazakhstan trades in horsemeat – to such a staggering extent, it’s thought their athletes tried desperately to get London 2012 officials to bring the produce into the UK for the Olympic Games!

15. Better keep the tunes to yourself…

Never try and whistle indoors in Kazakhstan – the belief here is that if you do, you’ll never be rich and will always struggle for money!

interesting facts about Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan

FAQs about Kazakhstan

Is Kazakhstan safe to visit?

Yes! Believe it or not, Kazakhstan is widely regarded as being safer to visit and tour than some of the most popular tourist zones in Europe.

Does Kazakhstan have its own navy?

Yes, despite being landlocked, Kazakhstan does have a navy - it sails out across the Caspian Sea.

What’s the main religion of Kazakhstan?

People who are native to Kazakhstan generally follow the Sunni sect of Islam. However, those who are Slavic living the country tend to follow Christianity (Orthodox). There is a real mix of faiths out here!

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