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10 Perfect Facts about Poseidon

Poseidon is known by many for being one of the most powerful Gods in any mythology. He’s the Greek equivalent of Neptune in Roman legend. Let’s take a closer look at the core mythology surrounding this impressive God – here are some fun facts about Poseidon and his watery legend.

1. Who was Poseidon?

Poseidon was one of the major deities in Greek mythology and was known as the God of the sea, earthquakes, and horses. He was a brother to Zeus and Hades, and together they ruled over different realms.

2. The signature look!

Poseidon was often depicted as a powerful and bearded god carrying a trident, which was his signature weapon. The trident symbolized his dominion over the seas and his ability to create storms and earthquakes. It was a very special fork!

3. How far did Poseidon’s powers reach?

As the God of the Sea, Poseidon was believed to control all bodies of water, including the oceans, rivers, and all marine life. He could calm or stir the waters and was worshipped by sailors and fishermen who sought his protection during their voyages.

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4. Giddy-up, Sea God!

Poseidon was known for playing an important role in multiple myths. However, one of his most famous was the creation of horses! It was believed that they emerged from the sea foam when he struck the ground with his trident.

5. Poseidon had many children.

Poseidon had several children in Greek mythology, including famous figures such as the sea nymphs, the giant Polyphemus, and Theseus, the legendary hero who defeated the Minotaur. And, of course, he was also the father to the demi-God Perseus, too. One of the hardest-working Dads in Greek mythology, then!

6. What about Athena?

Poseidon was also known for having a fierce rivalry with the goddess Athena. They competed for the patronage of the city of Athens, and in a contest, Poseidon attacked the Earth with his trident, building a saltwater spring – and Athena in turn created an olive tree. Athena’s gift was deemed more valuable, and she became the city’s patroness. To be fair, if you’ve ever tasted Greek olive oil, you’d probably have agreed with that choice – no offense to Poseidon, of course.

7. He’s said to be the cause of earthquakes.

Poseidon was also associated with earthquakes, as he was believed to cause them by striking the Earth with his trident. The God was both feared and respected for his ability to unleash the power of the Earth itself – and if you believe in the legends, his force can still be felt all over the world to this day!

8. Poseidon was a bit of a shapeshifter!

Some believed that Poseidon also had the ability to change shape and transform himself into different creatures. He could appear as a horse, a bull, or a dolphin, among other forms. Every day’s a little bit different when Poseidon’s around!

9. Poseidon was also a keen zookeeper!

Poseidon had multiple sacred animals associated with him, including horses and bulls. Posiedon featured in depictions riding a chariot pulled by horses or emerging from the sea on a chariot drawn by sea creatures.

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10. A revered God!

People worshipped Poseidon throughout ancient Greece, and he had various temples and sanctuaries dedicated to him. One of the most famous was the Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, overlooking the Aegean Sea.

FAQs about Poseidon

Who was Poseidon killed by?

Poseidon has faced death in certain depictions of the myths in video games and even TV shows. However, in Greek mythology, No one ever killed Poseidon – pretty impressive given how tumultuous some of those legendary stories can be!

Did Poseidon like humans?

Poseidon was known for having love affairs with humans! So, to a degree, one could assume that he did indeed like humans!

Who was Poseidon’s true love?

Poseidon was known for having many lovers of different sexes and species. He did not have one true love. However, his consort was Amphitrite.

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