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On This Day - August 27th

August 27th is here already, and as we’re starting to peer into the fall, what better time is there than to take stock of some of the most important moments that have unfolded across history? We’ve got some famous birthdays and some special occasions celebrated all over the world coming up, too. Let’s get straight into August 27th!

On this day

Battle of Mycale

The Battle of Mycale took place.

In 479 BC, during the Greco-Persian Wars, the Battle of Mycale was won by Greek forces over the Persian navy. The battle was fought on the Ionian coast – and could this possibly be the furthest we’ve gone back in time yet? Let us know!

The French national flag, the 'Tricolor' in blue, white and red.

The French National Assembly made history.

In 1789, the French National Assembly issued the "Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizen”. It remains one of the most important documents in all of France’s history to this day, and it’s proven pivotal in helping to shape the country’s constitutional reform over the decades.


Krakatoa erupted.

In 1883, the Krakatoa volcano erupted in the west of Java in Indonesia. It erupted with a force of 1,300 megatons and killed around 40,000 people. The volcano is still very much active, and while we may not know exactly when it will erupt again, locals are on high alert for the potential tsunamis that may arise alongside.

Facts about Solar Battery Storage

Now that’s a lot of charge!

On August 27th, 2003, the largest battery on the planet was plugged in for the first time. It was about 2,000 square meters (21,527 square feet) large and 1,300 tonnes (2.8 million pounds) in weight! It’s only so big because it has to offer temporary electricity to the whole of Fairbanks, Alaska, US.

facts about Barack Obama

Obama made history.

Eventually becoming the first African-American to lead the US, on August 27th, 2008, Barack Obama became the first African-American, too, to receive the Presidential nomination. It was the first step toward the then-senator taking to the world stage, and defeating Republican nominee John McCain in the process.

Special Days Falling on August 27th

Have you considered some of the celebrations that are taking place today around the world? No? Don’t worry, we have some of the most important events taking place right here.
International Lottery Day

International Lottery Day

Every August 27th is International Lottery Day! We all dream of winning the lottery, and a few fortunate people have in the past! Of course, it’s also a good occasion to look for lottery-based causes that give money to those in need, too.

Facts of Moldova

Moldova Independence Day

Every August 27th is also Moldova Independence Day! The day commemorates the Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union, which was adopted in 1991. People all over the country celebrate with fireworks, parades, concerts, and more!

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford

The Duchess who wasn’t Day

Every August 27th is also an important date in the Republic of Ireland! The day celebrates the life of Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, a writer who published most of her works under the pen name “The Duchess.” She was an incredible writer, who was also known for taking care of a huge family! So, it is only right she is celebrated!

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