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On This Day - August 28th

Ready to learn some fascinating facts about August 28th? While it might just sound like any other day in the calendar, it means a lot to millions of people – and even if you’re not celebrating today, we have stacks of facts and reasons why you might want to mark it in your own diary for years to come. Let’s take a look at what August 28th has to offer us…

On this day

Fori Imperiali, Rome

The Western Roman Empire came to an end.

All the way back in 476 AD, Orestes, the father of Emperor Romulus Augustulus, was captured and eventually executed by Odoacer and his followers. This was one of the markings of the end of the Western Roman Empire – but what an Empire it was!

Interesting facts about Oysters

Henry Hudson made an important discovery!

In 1609, English explorer Henry Hudson discovered and explored Delaware Bay. It’s now known mainly as an oystering ground, providing tons of opportunities for people to sift for fish and crabs. It’s around 782 square miles, or 2,025 square km, in size.

National Arabian Horse Day

A horse raced a train!

In 1830, the first American-built locomotive, Tom Thumb, raced a horse-drawn car! Strangely, due to mechanical trouble on the train, the horse won the race – no, we wouldn’t have taken any bets there, either…

Battle of Michigan Avenue.

The Battle of Michigan Avenue unfolded.

On August 28th, 1968, protests arising partly thanks to opposition against the Vietnam War led to violence at the Democratic National Convention in the US. The protestor-police clash went down in history as the “Battle of Michigan Avenue.”

Princess Diana and Prince Charles

Charles and Diana got divorced.

It was a wedding ceremony watched by millions – and yet, by August 28th, 1996, a decade-plus since they married, Charles and Diana, then-Prince and Princess of Wales, decided to divorce. Diana, tragically, would die in a car crash just one year later.

Special Days Falling on August 28th

No one wants to let a day go by without honoring or celebrating something! And thankfully, for various people worldwide, August 28th is one of the most important dates of the year. Here are some of the reasons why.
Facts about UAE

Emirati Women's Day

Every August 28th is Emirati Women’s Day. It was founded in 2015 by Her Highness Sheikh Fatima bin Mubarak, who also happens to be known as the Mother of the Nation. The General Women’s Union of the United Arab Emirates was also founded on this day. This holiday is used to honor Emirati women’s efforts, devotion, strength, dreams, and more.

national wine day. February 18th

Red Wine Day

Largely celebrated in the US, Red Wine Day is an occasion celebrated by vino lovers to dip into a glass of the good stuff. Did you know that red wine has been enjoyed since around 3,000 BC? Drink responsibly today if you are celebrating!

Rainbow bridge day

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

And, wherever you are in the world, August 28th is the perfect date to honor the death of a beloved animal friend. Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day is a wonderful occasion to remember the pets that are no longer with us, and the pain we carry with us in their absence. The day was first founded by author Deborah Barnes to help people who have lost pets share their pain, their stories, and their love.

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This month in history

Foundations were laid for the Royal Observatory. In 1675, the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, which was commissioned by King Charles II of England, had begun construction that August. It remains one of the most famous star-spotting venues on the planet!

Famous Birthdays on August 28th

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German writer and philosopher, born 1749

Jack Kirby, American cartoonist, born 1917

Jennifer Coolidge, American actress, born 1961

Shania Twain, Canadian musician, born 1965

Jack Black, American actor and musician, born 1969

Facts about Virgo

If you were born on August 28th…

…you’re a Virgo! You are a natural team leader, very intuitive, creative, and smart. Anyone would be lucky to be on your team! As a Virgo, you tend to be super logical and systematic, which can lead to you being a bit of a perfectionist… lighten up a little once in a while and embrace the chaos! Learn more about Virgos from our Virgo facts page, too.

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