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13 Playful Facts About Polar Bears

Polar bears are some of the most inspiring animals in the world, but how much do you know about them? You’re about to find out some fun facts about polar bears to answer that in under 2 minutes…

1. Polar bears aren’t to be tangled with!

Polar bears are the largest land-based carnivores in the world.

2. Polar bears are what color, again?

Their fur isn’t strictly white, it’s actually transparent.

Polar bears have black skin underneath their warm and cosy fur.

3. Polar bears are picky about property.

They only live in the Arctic, near the North Pole.

Polar bear swimming in Arctic water
Polar bear swimming in Arctic water

4. Polar bears are amazingly resourceful.

Ice rafts and sheets are used by polar bears as hunting platforms.

5. These bears gobble down the locals!

They love to snack on a freshly caught seal whenever they get the chance.

6. Polar bears are fat for a reason.

They have a thick layer of blubber that keeps them warm no matter what.

7. They’re also solar powered.

Black skin allows them to soak up as much heat from the Sun as possible.

8. This is a truly unique bear!

They’re the only bear species to be classified as marine animals.

This is because they spend more time on water and near the coast than they do inland.

9. Polar bears are nippy in the water.

Polar Bears can swim at up to 6mph.

Polar Bear sniffing the air

10. Polar bear track records aren’t great.

Only 2% of all their hunts are successful.

11. Polar bear families are huge.

Their gestation period is 14-16 months and results in average litter sizes of 30 or more.

12. Just keep swimming!

Polar bears have been known to swim for 2 days at a time without stopping for a rest!

Polar Bear family

13. A bear doesn’t hide its (genome) secrets.

If you know the right scientist you can extract a bear’s DNA solely from its footprints.

FAQs about Polar Bears

How long do polar bears live for?

In the wild, polar bears live on average from 20 to 25 years.

How many polar bears are alive today?

In 2021 scientists calculate that between 22,000 and 31,000 polar bears are alive today. This would be an increase from the estimated 5,000 alive in 1950!

Do humans hunt polar bears?

Yes, polar bears are hunted by some people - mostly for their skins and clothing.This takes place across Canada, Greenland and the US. In Russia and Norway, this hunting is banned.

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