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On This Day - August 19th

Unless it’s your birthday or an important anniversary in your life, August 19th may seem like just another date on the calendar. As always, however, there’s something special to remember about today – and if you follow our date guides regularly, you’ll know that by now! Let’s take a look at some major historical moments, famous birthdays, and special events unfolding all over the world today.

On this day

Octavian aka Augustus

Augustus made a crucial move.

In 43 BC, Octavian, known as Augustus, compelled the Roman Senate to elect him as Consul! He was quite persuasive – and he's largely regarded as one of the founding members of the dominating Roman Empire.

Louis Daguerre

Daguerre revealed his photography secrets.

In 1839, the details of Louis Daguerre's first-ever practical photographic process released to the public in Paris, France. Without Daguerre, we wouldn’t have modern photography – though did you know he was also a theater designer and a painter?

Dieppe raid

The Dieppe raid unfolded.

In 1942, over 4,000 soldiers, both Canadian and British, were killed, wounded, or captured. This occurred during the raiding of Dieppe in France – it was also known as Operation Jubilee, and was an attempt to attack German forces via the sea.

The Soviet Union Flag. The Hammer And Sicle

A coup d’état shook the Soviet Union

In 1991, conservative members of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union tried to depose Mikhail Gorbachev in a coup d’état! However, Gorbachev survived the attempt – he’d remain in office until August of the next year, when he was succeeded briefly by Vladimir Ivashko until the position of General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union was abolished.

Saddam Hussein

Operation Iraqi Freedom ended.

In 2012, Operation Iraqi Freedom ended with the final United States brigade teams crossing the border to Kuwait. The operation was a controversial skirmish that resulted in the capture and execution of dictator Saddam Hussein.

Special Days Falling on August 19th

Every August 19th, nations around the world take the time to celebrate momentous events in their histories, cultures, and movements that affect us all. Here are some of the most important holidays that take place today!
Facts about Afghanistan

Afghanistan Independence Day

Every August 19th, Afghanistan celebrates its Independence Day! Oddly enough, however, it was never officially a part of the British Empire. So, instead, the country celebrates their freedom from British influence and the treaty of Rawalpindi, which declared the independence and sovereignty of Afghanistan. Every year, there are speeches, military displays, dances, and, of course, the displaying of the national flag all over the country!

fun facts about Orangutan

International Orangutan Day

Today is also an important day for the animal kingdom. International Orangutan Day is a day we take to celebrate these intelligent primates who are threatened by human devastation. Due to hunting and deforestation, these wonderful animals are losing their homes and habitats. So, we must do all we can to protect them and their homes and ensure their survival!

United Nations worker

World Humanitarian Day

This holiday was first created by the UN in 2009 to acknowledge all humanitarian aid workers worldwide. It also is a day to commemorate the bombing of the UN headquarters in Iraq – as during the incident, 22 people died. Humanitarians provide help to people all over the world, expecting nothing in return. These brave people do whatever they can to help their fellow people in plight – and they deserve much more than a single day of support!

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