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On This Day - August 25th

August 25th takes us closer toward the fall, and for many of you Virgos out there, it's likely to be a special birthday – but why else is this particular date so notable around the world? As usual, we've brought together tons of facts about historical events unfolding on this date going back centuries, famous birthdays, and international days. Let's get stuck into August 25th…

On this day

Portrait of Galileo

Galileo made a demonstration.

In 1609, Galileo demonstrated his very first telescope to Venetian lawmakers. To this day, he is considered one of the most important figures in astronomy – and without his telescope, many of us would still be scratching our heads looking up at the stars!

New Orleans Architecture

French colonists formed New Orleans.

In 1718, hundreds of French colonists arrived in Louisiana. And, in so doing, the city of New Orleans came into being! To this day, you can still see French influences all over the region – it’s an incredibly culture-rich city that’s a real melting pot for tourists to explore.

Kitasato Shibasaburo

Shibasaburo Kitasato made an important discovery.

In 1894, Shibasaburo Kitasato, a Japanese scientist, discovered the infectious agent of the bubonic plague. He published his discovery in The Lancet – and it would only be a few years, in 1897, when the first effective plague vaccines became available to the public.

Woodrose Wilson

Wilson established National Parks for the first time.

Where would the US be without its wonderful National Parks? Protective measures brought in through the Organic Act, enacted by then-US President Woodrow Wilson on this day back in 1916, ensured that the National Park Service would cement into the national infrastructure.


Linux was born!

How many of you out there use Windows or MacOS? We bet a few of you use Linux, too! In 1991, the operating system was born when Linus Torvalds, the project’s creator, revealed his magnum opus to the world via email. It’s thought that there are almost 33 million Linux users worldwide!

Special Days Falling on August 25th

Although August 25th may not feel very important to you, around the world, in various countries, and for many different reasons, it is one of the most important dates of the year. Here are some of the most important events happening around the world today.
Facts of North Korea

Day of Songun

Every year in North Korea, the Day of Songun is celebrated on August 25th. It celebrates the start of the military-first rule in North Korea, under the leadership of Kim Jong-il.

facts of Uruguay

Uruguay Independence Day

August 25th is also the date we celebrate Uruguay’s independence! The country officially separated from Brazil on this very date following a long rebellion (which also involved Spain). So, it is only right for the people to celebrate their great nation today!

a romantic kiss

Kiss and Make Up Day

While typically celebrated in the US, Kiss and Make Up Day is an occasion that couples all over the world may wish to mark on August 25th each year! Today’s a great day for taking the time to acknowledge how we can bury the hatchet with people we’ve fallen out with. After all, are bad feelings really worth holding onto?

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