World Consumer Rights Day - March 15th

On This Day - August 29th

August 29th is getting us closer and closer to the end of the summer months in the upper hemisphere – but there’s no need to despair. In fact, there are plenty of great reasons why August 29th should be honored by people worldwide! Whether it’s your birthday today or not, here are some fascinating facts about August 29th.

On this day

Battle of Mohacs

The Battle of Mohács took place.

In 1526, during the Battle of Mohács, the Hungarian Empire was conquered by the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans were led by Suleiman the Magnificent at the time, and they’d remain a power to reckon with all the way up to 1922!

Facts of Brazil

Portugal took notice of Brazil.

In 1825, Portugal finally recognized Brazil as being an independent nation! Brazil has retained its independence ever since then – making August 29th a pretty important day in any Brazilian’s calendar.

The Opium War

The Opium War came to an end.

In 1842, Great Britain and China finally signed the Treaty of Nanking. In so doing, they ended the Opium War, where it’s thought that tens of thousands of people lost their lives (both sides combined).

Facts about Kazakhstan

The USSR performed a devastating test.

In 1949, the USSR performed its very first nuclear test. The test took place at Semipalatinsk, Kazakh, SSR. Overall, Russia’s detonated around 715 warheads – and there’s still some concern over how much is left in their stockpile.

interesting facts about hurricanes

Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and beyond.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina made its second and third landfall and was officially declared a category three hurricane. It ended up devastating a large part of the US Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida. It also killed over 1837 people and cost billions in damage, particularly tearing up New Orleans.

Special Days Falling on August 29th

August 29th needs to be honored for many reasons. And, if you are not aware of them, then let us guide you through three occasions worth marking today. If you’re already marking a birthday or anniversary – you have even more reason to make today special!
World Consumer Rights Day - March 15th

Individual Rights Day

Every August 29th celebrates John Locke’s birthday and philosophical teachings. The day is known as Individual Rights Day. Locke famously argued that the “sovereign identities” of individual people must be protected by our governments. Why not take today to look into Locke’s work and to learn more about individual rights in your own country?

Atomic blast

International Day Against Nuclear Tests

Today’s stand against nuclear testing was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2009. It’s thought that nuclear testing has breached the 2,000 mark since they first arose in 1945. Nuclear energy testing poses immense risks to life – it’s hugely destructive! Today is all about gaining awareness of these tests, and learning more about how we can help protect the world around us.

Slovakia Flag

National Uprising Day

August 29th is also the Slovak National Uprising Anniversary! Today commemorates the Slovak National Uprising, which began in 1944, during World War II. It is also a day to honor the people who participated in an organized resistance against the Nazis – we should remember all of those who gave their lives in service, whether you are Slovak or not.

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