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🗓️ On This Day - August 3rd

August 3rd takes us deeper into the final third of the summer for those of us in the upper hemisphere, and for many, it seems like just another day. However, every day of the year holds some historical significance and some interesting facts – and if you happen to be celebrating today, here are a few interesting bits and pieces that might just surprise you.

On this day

Louis VI

Louis VI became King.

In 1108, Louis VI became King of France. Also known as the “Fat King,” he was
crowned at the cathedral in Orléans – as his half-brother, who clearly wasn’t too happy about proceedings, prevented him from reaching Reims! As we all know, he wasn’t the last Louis to take to the throne – not by a long stretch!

Theatre seats

World-class opera was born.

Opera fans all over the world likely know of La Scala – Milan’s premiere opera house – but did you know that it first opened its doors to the public on August 3rd, 1778? The first piece performed here was “Europa riconosciuta,” an Antonio Salieri classic.

Neanderthal man

The Old Man of La Chapelle was found.

In 1908, Jean and Amadee Bouyssonie discovered the fossil remains of a Neanderthal man! The Old Man of La Chappelle, as the body came to be known, was discovered in an almost-complete state at La Chapelle-aux-Saints in France. The body was believed to be about 60,000 years old by historian estimation!


Lithuania joined the USSR.

While the Soviet Union has long since been dissolved and Lithuania is a state in its own right, it was on this day back in 1940 that the nation became part of the USSR’s continued assimilation of Baltic states.

Algeria Facts

Algeria witnessed a massacre.

In 1997, the Oued El-Had and Mezouar massacre unfolded in Algeria. Between 40 to 76 villagers were killed.

Special Days Falling on August 3rd

We wouldn’t blame you for being bored with historical facts about today! So, why not look at these important international holidays celebrated on August 3rd?
Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day

Cloves Syndrome Awareness Day

If you have never heard of Cloves Syndrome, then no one would blame you! There are only 200 identified Cloves cases all over the world, which is why today is so important. Cloves Syndrome is a congenital disease that, while extremely rare, is a painful and sometimes disfiguring condition that affects blood vessels, skin, and bone structures from birth. Take time today to learn more about those who are bravely battling the condition.


Makira-Ulawa Province Day

Today is one of the most important dates of the year for the Makira-Ulawa region! On August 3rd, This area in the Solomon Islands celebrates the establishment of the province’s government by hosting festivals, governmental speeches, and all kinds of events across the various islands.

facts Guinea Bissau

Pidjiguiti Day

Today, Guinea-Bissau celebrates the anniversary of the Pidjiguiti massacre, which occurred on this very date back in 1959. It is an important date for the country to honor as it was one of the events that led to the Guinea-Bissau War of Independence, which eventually led to the country stepping out on its own.

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