National Beer Day

On This Day - August 4th

The days of August already seem to be going by too fast! That is why it is so important to make every day count – and, if history has taught us anything, it’s that August 4th is a date when anything can happen, Don’t believe us? Check out these incredible facts about August 4th, and see which famous people you share a birthday with if you’re celebrating.

On this day

Supernova SN 1181

We saw a supernova!

In 1181, the Supernova SN 1181 was first observed in the Cassiopeia constellation. It was seen by Chinese and Japanese astronomers. It’s amazing to think we were making stargazing discoveries so long ago!

Dom Perignon champagne

We popped a bottle!

Many believe that on this very date back in 1693, Dom Pérignon invented Champagne! The classic French beverage is still drunk around the world to this day and is considered one of life's great delicacies. However, the exact history of the delicacy is fiercely disputed.

Facts about Antarctica

Russians returned from their inaugural expedition around the Antarctic.

In 1821, the Russian Antarctic expedition returned to Kronshtadt. It was the first expedition to ever circumnavigate Antarctica – and it certainly wasn’t the last.

Beirut explosions

Lebanon suffered a tragedy.

In 2020, explosions at the port of Beirut in Lebanon killed more than 200 people. Over 6,000 more were injured in an incident lamented worldwide.

Mediterranean Wildfires 2021

The Mediterranean became a wildfire hotspot.

In 2021, the Mediterranean region endured extensive wildfires as Greece experienced one of its worst heatwaves in 40 years – with temperatures soaring to a blistering 116.8 °F, or 47.1 °C! It was definitely not a time to spend outside – several people died, and many homes were evacuated and destroyed.

Special Days Falling on August 4th

Here are some of the best ways to mark August 4th – whether or not you already have a reason to celebrate today!
Facts of Cook Islands

Cook Islands Constitution Day

Today is a very important date for Cook Islanders as they celebrate their independence from European colonial rule! It is also the final day of Te Maeva Nui. The national event lasts for a week and celebrates all things Cook Islands culture, history, and more. During the week and this much anticipated final day, there are events all over the area, including dances, parades, concerts, cookouts, sports games, and more!

fun facts about beer

International Beer Day

Do we really have to explain this holiday? Today is the date we celebrate all things beer! Beer is a long-celebrated beverage all over the world – with recipes varying from town to town. So, today, kick back and enjoy a few beers responsibly, and maybe even try making a new recipe or two with beer as a main ingredient.

Clouded leopard

International Clouded Leopard Day

The clouded leopard is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Yet, they remain an endangered species, mostly thanks to poaching and habitat destruction. Today is the date to raise awareness about these animals and what we all need to do to better preserve their habitats. There are fewer than 10,000 clouded leopards left roaming in the wild, so let's do everything we can to improve those numbers!

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