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On This Day - December 12th

It’s December 12th, which means that there are less than two weeks away from Christmas, and other December holidays are already well underway! We can practically hear the holiday panic through the screen! But, for now, sit back, relax, and focus on today alone, and all that December 12th brings.

On this day

battle of nineveh

The Battle at Nineveh took place.

In 627 AD, the Battle at Nineveh took place. Byzantine Emperor Heraclius defeated the Sassanid forces during the Byzantine-Sassanid War – a brutal but important event that’s certainly worth learning more about.

facts about USA

Pennsylvania ratified the US Constitution.

While the Constitution is a document all American citizens are well aware of today, it took some time to draft and ratify into law! In fact, on this day back in 1787, Pennsylvania became the second state to agree to its ratification.

Vintage Radio from the 1930s

The first transatlantic radio signal was transmitted.

In 1901, Guglielmo Marconi transmitted a radio signal transatlantic for the very first time. The signal was sent from Poldhu in Cornwall to Newfoundland, Canada. We wouldn’t have anything to listen to on long road trips without Marconi, so give thanks today!

interesting facts about the White House

Bush v. Gore came to an end.

In 2000, the US Supreme Court released its decision in the Bush v. Gore case. Their decision settled the recount dispute in Florida's 2000 presidential election in George W. Bush's favor. In doing so, they handed him the United States of America presidency.


COP21 came to a decision.

In 2015, the COP21 climate change summit in Paris reached a deal between 195 countries. The agreement was to limit the steady rise in the global average temperature to less than 2°C above what are termed pre-industrial levels.

Special Days Falling on December 12th

Halfway to Christmas Eve and we know you could probably do with a break from all the fuss! So, here are some other important events taking place around the world today to help!
virgin of guadalupe

Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

The day of the Virgin of Guadalupe is celebrated every December 12th. The day honors the day when Virgin Mary made an appearance to a young man back in 1531. It is a national holiday with masses and feasts all over the country, and people from all parts of Mexico make their way to Mexico's religious center at the Basilica of the Virgin of Guadalupe, located in Villa de Guadalupe Hidalgo.

Facts of Kenya

Jamhuri Day

Jamhuri Day is one of the most important dates in the Kenyan calendar, as it marks the nation gaining independence from Great Britain back in 1963. By 1964, the nation would become a member of the Commonwealth, earning its status as a Republic. In fact, the word “Jamhuri” translates as “republic” – it’s a fitting name! Today’s a great day for parades, parties, and feasting.

Facts about the United Nations

International Day of Neutrality

On December 12th, the United Nations encourages us to focus on advocating and campaigning for mutually beneficial and friendly relations between countries. With conflict still rife between so many international powers, it’s a good occasion to step back and consider how we could all take time to understand each other’s motivations.

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