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What Happened in 2000?

For anyone who remembers the year 2000, it was all about “Y2K” – with the threat of the Millennium Bug having passed, it was a year that stood for plenty of cultural and technological change. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest events of 2000, along with some famous birthdays and a few people we sadly lost along the way.

In this year

Time Warner


The biggest-ever corporate merger of all time (at the time) took place on January 10th, 2000, as America Online took over Time Warner for a whopping $162 billion! Who remembers AOL these days, come to think of it?

Endeavour space mission


The Endeavour space mission finally returned home on February 22nd, 2000, as its crew of six finally finished their mapping of Earth from space. Their images were pivotal in helping to create three-dimensional shots of the globe from above – giving us an even clearer look at the world we live in.

PlayStation 2


Sony set its games console behemoth, the PlayStation 2, off the marks in Japanese stores, with the first units going on sale on March 4th. It’s believed the PS2 was launched to compete against Sega’s Dreamcast. Sony won that battle, as the Dreamcast fared poorly enough to push Sega out of console production for life, while the PS2 became – and is still – the biggest-selling home games console of all time.

Nazi Germany Flag


Historic reports unveiled on April 17th, 2000 revealed that Nazis and collaborators in France apparently stole more Jewish assets during their oppression around World War II than many had assumed. This helped to lay the groundwork for regaining as many assets as possible and returning them home.

Facts of New Delhi


India celebrated an incredible milestone on May 11th, 2000 – as the nation reportedly reached an astonishing population of one billion people! It’s only continued to grow ever since – surely they’d run out of room at some point!

facts about earthquakes


Earthquakes rocked Iceland around June 17th and 21st, the first of which dared to interrupt the country’s national day. It reportedly reached a literal earth-shaking 6.5 magnitudes the first time around. The second, reports show, hit more to the west of the nation.

Øresund Bridge


Sweden and Denmark celebrated a new age of trade and travel on July 1st, 2000, as their Øresund Bridge officially opened for business. It remains the second longest roadway of its kind in Europe – that’s a lot of asphalt!

Tsar Nicholas II


The Russian Orthodox Church officially canonized the tragic Tsar Nicholas II and his family in recognition of their removal from power and their eventual murder at the hands of revolutionaries at the start of the 20th century. The canonization took place on August 14th, 2000.

Olympic Games 2000


The first Olympic Games of the new millennium kicked off on September 15th, 2000. Why the late start for a Summer Games? It was held down under, in Sydney, Australia – and the event would continue until October 1st.

Slobodan Milošević


The infamous Slobodan Milošević resigned from control of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia on October 5th, 2000. Milošević resigned on the back of heavy protesting in Belgrade – and while he would eventually go to tribunal for war crimes, he would die before he faced any justice his accusers believed would have been due.

International Space Station


One of the most desired properties in human history finally got its first tenants on November 2nd, 2000 – as the first astronaut crew to head to the International Space Station took to their lofty lodgings.

fun facts about the 2000s


In one of the most controversial political moments of recent US history, the Presidential Election between George W Bush and Al Gore was declared a victory for the former, following a controversial recount of ballots in Florida. To this day, many critics believe Gore had fairly won the election. We might never know the truth if that’s the case, but the official line is Bush won the day.

2000 was the year of the…

year of the dragon


If you entered the world in the years 2024, 2012, 2000, 1988, 1976, 1964, 1952, 1940, or 1928, you’re recognized as a fire-breathing legendary beast, according to the Chinese Zodiac. Dragons are said to be bold, intelligent, firm but fair, but at the same time sometimes egotistical. However, they’re great businesspeople and love to squeeze as much out of life as possible. The next dragon year won’t be until 2036.

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