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On This Day - December 16th

We’re officially halfway through the month, and getting close to the end of the year. This usually makes us all start to think of the things we have left to do, haven’t done, and should probably be doing before the year ends. But, give yourself a break for a moment, and consider all of the things that could yet happen! December 16th is no ordinary date, as the following facts will prove.

On this day

the Seven Year War

The Seven-Year War took place

In 1598, the Seven Year War was at large, and the Battle of Noryang Point took place on this day. It was the final battle of the war fought by the Korean navy and they defeated the Japanese.

Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell became Lord Protector

On this day back in 1653, Oliver Cromwell, a Parliamentarian General, took over the UK and Ireland as its Lord Protector, replacing the traditional monarch in charge. His reign was controversial – not just in part because he banned the celebration of Christmas!

Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party took place

The Boston Tea Party episode unfolded on this day back in 1773, where protestors calling themselves the Sons of Liberty famously disposed of tea shipments via Boston Harbor. But why? It was all an act of defiance against the controversial Tea Act, imposed by the British. “Tea Party Politics” is still a term widely used today.

gansu china

A devastating earthquake hit China

In 1920, an 8.5 earthquake hit the Gansu province in China. This natural disaster killed an estimated 200,000 people, making it one of the most devastating events of its kind in the 20th century.

Iraq disarmament crisis

The Iraq disarmament crisis took place

In 1998, the Iraq disarmament crisis took place. During Operation Desert Fox, the United States and the United Kingdom bombed targets in Iraq. This was just a few years away from the launch of Gulf War II, or as it became known, the “War on Terror.”

Special Days Falling on December 16th

This December 16th, why not consider some of the incredibly important events taking place around the world today? Here are some of the biggest ones to consider.
Facts about Bahrain

Bahrain National Day

Bahrain National Day actually covers two days, on the 16th and 17th of December. In 1971, Bahrain gained its independence having spent a long time under British rule. It is a public holiday, and schools and most businesses are closed to allow the people to celebrate!

Facts about South Africa

Day of Reconciliation

South Africa celebrates the Day of Reconciliation on December 16th every year. Apartheid was a racial segregation system that existed throughout South Africa for decades. However, in 1994, to help bridge the gap between the people living in South Africa, the Day of Reconciliation was introduced and has been celebrated ever since.

Facts about Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Independence Day

Kazakhstan’s biggest national holiday is Independence Day! It is celebrated on December 16th every year. And, like Bahrain, it is celebrated on two days, December 16th and 17th! Kazakh citizens set up yurts, enjoy various delicacies, and dance to folk music to celebrate. They also dress up in traditional clothing for the ceremony at Ak Orda Presidential Palace.

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