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On This Day - December 21st

It’s December 21st, which should mean that we’re all on vacation! No more work or school until hopefully after the holidays! And, what better way to spend your day of freedom than by learning more about it? Here are some of the most interesting things to know about December 21st.

On this day

The Gregorian Calendar

The Gregorian Calendar was adopted

In 1582, Flanders adopted the Gregorian calendar. In so doing, 11 days were skipped, making the next day January 1st, 1583. This was probably a bit confusing for a while – can you imagine making that transition in today’s busy world?


Radium was discovered

In 1898, scientists Pierre and Marie Curie discovered radium. Tragically, Marie Curie later died from radiation poisoning – but the couple’s work has been honored in the decades since, with the element of Curium named after their discoveries. Without the Curies, we wouldn’t have as close an understanding of the world around us.

apollo 8 crew

Apollo 8 was launched

In 1968, NASA launched Apollo 8. It was the first ever manned Moon voyage launched. Onboard were Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and William Anders. Of course, we wouldn’t successfully land on the Moon’s surface until the year after!

Lockerbie disaster

The Lockerbie disaster took place

In 1988, the Lockerbie disaster occurred. A terrorist bomb destroyed Pan Am Flight 103 in mid-air over Scotland. The incident killed all 259 passengers and crew on board and a further 11 people on the ground.

The Soviet Union Flag. The Hammer And Sicle

The Soviet Union came to an end

In 1991, the Soviet Union formally dissolved. 11 out of 12 republics signed a treaty officially forming the Commonwealth of Independent States. This ended almost a century of revolutions and uprisings – meaning the 20th century started under Tsarist rule, and ended with a whole new political system.

Special Days Falling on December 21st

We know how difficult it can be to get your mind to focus on something else when such big holidays are on their way, or in fact already here! But, take the time to consider some of the other biggest holidays taking place in the world today.
Funny Facts

Look on the Bright Side Day

Believe it or not, there is an actual day dedicated to looking on the bright side, and it’s today! As fun as December can be for many of us, it can also be very challenging. That is why today, everyone is encouraged to stay strong and remember to always look on the bright side!

Facts of Sao Tome and Principe

São Tomé Day

São Tomé Day, known to many as Dia de São Tomé, is commemorated every year on December 21st. It’s a day for commemorating the very first arrival of European people to the island in question – and its name actually translates to St. Thomas, and today happens to be his feast day, too! A cause for double celebrations, then – when we have so few of those coming up!

Dog barking

Humbug Day

Humbug Day is also celebrated every December 21st. It is a holiday that allows you to let out all of your frustrations before Christmas! Created by Thomas and Ruth Roy, Humbug Day traditionally allows everyone twelve free humbugs. So, whatever yours are, let them out today – and be like Ebeneezer Scrooge and shout “Bah, Humbug!”

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This month in history

On this day back in 1992, political controversy hit the headlines as several Presidential aides – those who served under Ronald Reagan – were pardoned for their part in the Iran-Contra affair. It wasn’t Reagan who pardoned them, however – it was his Republican successor, US President George HW Bush.

Famous Birthdays on December 21st

Thomas Graham, British chemist and father of colloid chemistry, born 1805

Jane Fonda, American actor, born 1937

Frank Zappa, American musician, born 1940

Samuel L. Jackson, American actor, born 1948

Kiefer Sutherland, English-Canadian actor, born 1966

interesting facts about Sagittarius

If you were born on December 21st



…you’re a Sagittarius! In fact, you are the very last date of Sagittarius! However, that does not make you any less funny, intelligent, or capable than your Sagittarius siblings!



Head over to our Sagittarius facts page to learn more – because believe us, there’s far too much to cram into this little space. Take a look if you don’t believe us, and see if you can learn something new about yourself!

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