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On This Day - December 5th

By December 5th, the wonder of finally being in December tends to start wearing off. We all have to accept that there are still school and work days to face, today included! But don’t dismiss December 5th as being just another day just yet. For many throughout time, December 5th has been one of their most important days, and here’s why.

On this day


Charlemagne became King.

In 771 AD, Charlemagne became the sole King of the Franks. His position was sealed following the death of his brother Carloman. He’d go on to rule over much of Europe, and would do so until around 814 AD, according to historians.

Facts of Italy

Naples was struck by a natural disaster.

In 1456, Naples was struck by a massive earthquake, during which around 35,000 people died. It remains one of the most devastating natural disasters of its kind on record.

Facts of Portugal

Jewish people were exiled from Portugal.

In 1496, Jewish people were officially expelled from Portugal. This took place under the order of King Manuel I – and, as we know, it was just one example of persecution they’d face over the centuries.

california gold rush

The gold rush began!

In 1848, US President James K. Polk officially announced the gold rush of 1849. He did so by confirming the discovery of the metal in California. However, the rush had all but ended by 1855, and sophisticated machinery to help mine for the valuable material came into public use.

interesting facts about prohibition

Prohibition came to an end.

In 1933, Prohibition finally came to an end in the US. It ended when the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified, and the 18th Amendment was repealed. The period had banned the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages outright – and the period had led to the rise of infamous gangsters such as Al Capone, who profited off illegal hooch.

Special Days Falling on December 5th

We know you probably want to focus on your own upcoming celebrations, but the fact is that there are so many special December events around the world that it would be a shame to miss any! Here are some of the most interesting events taking place today.
Facts about Haiti

Discovery Day

Discovery Day takes place every December 5th in Haiti. The day commemorates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival on the island in 1492. Every year, the people of Haiti celebrate with public performances, street festivals, and feasts!



Have you been good this year? Across Europe and Australia, December 5th marks Krampusnacht, when the legendary Krampus – a demon who is said to punish badly behaved children at Christmas – visits unlucky homes. Today, however, is the day before the Feast of St. Nicholas, and it's an event where parents dress up as Krampus to teach their kids some manners! Weird, but effective parenting? You be the judge.

facts Ireland

Light Up a Life Day

In the Republic of Ireland, December 5th is Light Up a Life Day! The day takes place around the time when Christmas lights are starting to get put up. The holiday encourages people to put up lights to help remember people they may have lost. It is also a celebration of life and helps provide emotional relief for anyone who may be grieving during the holidays. The holidays are a time to be with loved ones, and for some of us, it can be very difficult. So, think of those people this year, be there for them, and maybe light up a life!

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