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On This Day - December 7th

We are one week into December and by now you’re either sitting back and enjoying the wonders this month brings, or you’re already panicking about all that there is left to do! Whatever the case, we’re here for you. And, to help take your mind off things, here are some of the most interesting things about December 7th.

On this day


The Emperor spotted a supernova!

In 185 AD, Emperor Lo-Yang, the emperor of China saw a supernova. It was later noted as MSH 15-52. Fascinating that he managed to spot the object without the need of a fancy telescope!

Nevada on fire

Pearl Harbor was attacked.

In one of the most devastating attacks to Allies during World War II, Japanese Navy forces attacked the US’ Pearl Harbor in 1941 – it would officially bring America into the war, and it remains one of the most shocking attacks to take place on American soil, period.

flag of Armenia

An earthquake hit Armenia.

In 1988, a 6.9 earthquake hit Spitak in Armenia. The natural disaster killed between 25,000 and 50,000 people. It also left around 500,000 people homeless.

Facts of Israel

Israel was recognized as a state.

In 1988, a PLO delegation led by Yasser Arafat proclaimed the State of Palestine. In so doing, it recognised the existence of the State of Israel for the first time. As news in recent times has shown, there continue to be conflicts over the two areas to this day, impacting many innocent lives.

gilgamesh tablet

The Gilgamesh Dream Tablet was put on display.

In 2021, the 3,500 year-old Gilgamesh Dream Tablet went on display in Iraq for the first time in 30 years after having been looted during the Gulf War. It was part of the Epic Gilgamesh, one of the oldest known pieces of literature!

Special Days Falling on December 7th

Not everyone wants to focus on Christmas right now, but the chances are you’re already being bombarded with reminders! So, take some time away from it, and focus on some of the most interesting events taking place around the world today.
Facts of Italy

Feast of St. Ambrose

The northern Italian city of Milan marks the feast day of the patron saint, St. Ambrose, on December 7th every year. St. Ambrose was the bishop of Milan and was loved for his charity and fair-minded attitude. There are plenty of feast days to enjoy this month, so loosen your belt!

Facts of New Delhi

Flag Day

For the people of India, December 7th is Flag Day. Today is the day the people of India honour the Armed forces and all that they do. It is a day that encourages citizens to take responsibility for caring for those who have been injured by war, or lost loved ones to it. Miniature, multicolored flags representing India’s Army, Air Force, and Navy, are given out throughout the country in order to raise funds for the armed forces.

Facts about Timor Leste

Memorial Day

For the people of East Timor, December 7th is Memorial Day. As you can imagine, the day commemorates the year of 1975 when Portugal granted East Timor its independence – it seems there’s an independence day somewhere no matter the date!

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This month in history

In 1965, during the Vietnam War, North Vietnamese President Ho Chi Minh rejected the unconditional peace talks offered by the US. The conflict would rage on, therefore, until the end of April 1975, with over 3.8 million people killed during the fighting.

Famous Birthdays on December 7th

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Italian baroque sculptor, painter, and architect, born 1598

Noam Chomsky, American philosopher, born 1928

Larry Bird, American basketball legend, born 1956

Jennifer Carpenter, American actor, born 1979

Nicholas Hoult, English actor, born 1989

interesting facts about Sagittarius

If you were born on December 7th


…you’re a Sagittarius! Let’s face it, you’re not exactly known for your modesty, and what’s wrong with that? You are smart, funny, driven, who wouldn’t want to boast about all that?

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