On This Day - December 9th

Out of all of the days in December, we think the 9th tends to get overlooked a lot. It may not seem like a big day to you, but believe us, that is far from being the case. December 9th has meant and continues to mean a great deal to people all over the world. Here’s why.

On this day

General Belisarius

General Belisarius landed in Rome

In 536, Byzantine General Belisarius entered Rome while the Ostrogothic garrison peacefully left the city. In doing so, they returned the old capital to its empire.

ardabil, iran

The Battle of Marj Ardabil took place

In 730, the Battle of Marj Ardabil took place. The Turkic Khazar army was led by Barjik. The army defeated the Umayyad force, with 20,000 killed including general al-Jarrah ibn Abdallah, whose head was then mounted on a throne.

scramble the internet

The world got a glimpse of going online for the first time

On this day back in 1968, Douglas Engelbart showed a captive audience in San Francisco the incredible NLS, or oN-Line System. This was a genuine showcase where people got to see working computer mice, video conferencing, word processing, and linking for the very first time. While the home computer wouldn’t be a big deal until at least the 1980s, it all started here – and, of course, by the 1990s, the internet brought a twist on this system to the public.

Mogadishu aerial view

The US landed in Somalia

On this day back in 1992, Mogadishu in Somalia was descended on by US marines and associated forces – with the aim to help restore peace to the nation, as it was torn apart by war. The operation was fully authorized by the UN, with Resolution 794 having passed through the Security Council on December 3rd.

american minerva

New York’s first newspaper was established

In 1793, Noah Webster established New York’s first ever daily newspaper. It was, of course, the "American Minerva”.

Special Days Falling on December 9th

Although we tend to want to focus on celebrating in December, it’s also important to remember important historical events, and current events that are still affecting people around the world today. Here are some of the most important events to consider today.

Genocide Prevention Day

In Australia, December 9th is Genocide Prevention Day. Genocide is something that has affected countries all over the world, and Australia is no exception. Today, we remember those affected by genocide, and we take the time to look into those still affected by it today, and what we can all do to help prevent it.


International Anti-Corruption Day

Marked on a global scale, Anti-Corruption Day seeks to help raise awareness of corruption in both politics and in the corporate world. While many people might not be able to do much individually to stop corruption at large, today’s a great occasion to learn more about when and how we can speak out about seemingly shady practices behind the scenes. The UN supports this day to help people understand what they can do to help make society a less corrupt place.


International Day of Veterinary Medicine

Again, for people all over the world, December 9th is also International Day of Veterinary Medicine. The day recognizes the important work done by organizations and vets all over the world in their strive to protect animals, and their welfare.

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This month in history

In December 1919, as the Romanov dynasty in Russia was approaching its end, the infamous monk – Rasputin – was successfully assassinated. We say “successfully,” simply because there were many attempts made to try and take his life – he was poisoned and shot, and didn’t die! Therefore, his captors tied him up and cast his body into the Neva River, where he eventually died by drowning.

Famous Birthdays on December 9th

John Milton, English poet and puritan, born 1608

Kirk Douglas, American actor, born 1916

Judi Dench, English actor, born 1934

John Malkovich, American actor, born 1953

Donny Osmond, American singer and actor, born 1957

interesting facts about Sagittarius

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