National Sticker Day

🗓️ On This Day - January 13th

Believe it or not, January 13th is no ordinary day, and we have the history to prove it! It’s a day notable for radio firsts, major space missions, and rubber duckies. Yes, you read that correctly. Here are some of the most eventful things to ever happen on January 13th, as well as a handful of extra facts to raise your eyebrows at!

On this day


J’accuse…! was published in L’Aurore

One of the most famous articles of all time, J’accuse…!, was published on this day in the French newspaper, L’Aurore. The article was crucial in the unfolding of the Dreyfus affair, revolving around the alleged treason committed by Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer. The open letter, written by Emile Zola, supported the recruit.


Testing, testing… do you read me?

On January 13th, 1910, a live performance of Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci, two famous operas, was broadcast from the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. It is considered to be the very first public radio broadcast.

Douglas Wilder

A huge moment for African American representation.

On this day back in 1990, Douglas Wilder became the very first African American governor to be elected to take office. He became the Governor of Virginia in Richmond, Virginia.

NASA Space Shuttle

Space Mission STS-54 took off!

In 1993, the Space Shuttle program, Endeavour, headed for space for the third time with STS-54. It took off from the Kennedy Space Centre, eventually landing as of January 19th. Five crewpeople took part in the launch, helmed by commander John Casper.


The CWC was drafted and signed.

The CWC (Chemical Weapons Convention) was first drafted on January 13th, 1993. It has since been signed by 193 states across the world. It prohibits developing, producing, stockpiling, and using chemical weapons. Let’s hope things stay that way - for the good of peace for years to come.

Saint Peter's Basilica

Writer Alfredo Ormando burned himself alive - in protest.

The Italian writer self-immolated in 1988 outside of Saint Peter's Basilica to protest the Roman Catholic church's attitudes towards homosexuality. He died from his injuries on January 23rd.

Special Days Falling on January 13th

Whether it’s your birthday, anniversary or otherwise, there may be a few reasons why January 13th is special to you. However, there are lots of other reasons to celebrate this otherwise innocuous date, too!
National Sticker Day

National Sticker Day

We’ve all used stickers at one point or another, but did you know that they have their own special day? January 13th is the day to celebrate how bright and colorful stickers can make our projects - whatever they may be!

National Rubber Ducky Day

Does anyone really know what exactly the function of a rubber duck is? Probably not. But no one can deny that they are cute and belong in every bathtub! And, according to Sesame Street (specifically their 1973 calendar), resident Ernie’s rubber ducky’s birthday is January 13th.

Seems as good a day as any to celebrate these decorative ducks! So, why not draw yourself a bath and grab a rubber ducky while you’re at it?

Korean American Day

Korean American Day

On a more serious note, January 13th is also a day to celebrate the arrival of the first Korean immigrants to the United States back in 1903. Today is the day to celebrate their arrival and contribution to American culture and everyday life in the US!

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