National Classy Day

🗓️ On This Day - January 17th

Unless it’s your birthday or an anniversary of something dear to you, January 17th may feel like just another ordinary day. But for many throughout history, it’s been eventful, to say the least! It’s famous for scandals, military defeats, and hot buttered rum. No, really! Here are some of the most important things to have ever happened on January 17th.

On this day

Captain James Cook - On This Day in History, January

Captain James Cook took the Antarctic Circle.

On January 17th, 1773, Captain James Cook led the very first expedition to sail south of the Antarctic Circle! The ship, Resolution, was the first ever ship to go south of the Antarctic Circle during James Cook’s official second voyage, which ended by 1775.

Russia defeated Ottoman Turkey WW1

Russia conquered the Ottomans.

During the Caucasus Campaign in World War I, Russia defeated Ottoman Turkey in the Battle of Sarikamish on January 17th, 1915. The battle took place from December 22nd, 1914, to January 17th, 1915.

interesting facts about prohibition

A dry time for US drinkers!

Prohibition started in the US on January 17th, 1920 - this was a law that prohibited the production, transportation, importation, and sale of alcoholic beverages within the US. Prohibition lasted from 1920 to 1933 - with many people happy that “hooch” was back on the menu again!

Facts about the United Nations

The UN Security Council had its maiden meeting.

One of the main six components of the United Nations, the UN Security Council, held its first meeting on January 17th, 1946. Its purpose is to ensure international peace and security - it’s upheld this purpose for eight decades now!

The White House, Washington

A scandal in the White House!

On this day back in 1998, American journalist Matt Drudge broke the story of the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky affair. They began a relationship in 1995, which ended in 1997. The news shook the world and remains one of the most famous political scandals of all time!

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong fell from grace.

Back in 2013, former champion cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong admitted to doping to win in the sport. He admitted it in Oprah’s Next Chapter, broadcast globally. His confession shook the cycling world - and led to many people rethinking their hero worship. It’s also led to important conversations regarding doping both in cycling and other sports.

Special Days Falling on January 17th

Whether or not you’re celebrating a personal event on January 17th, here are some big ways to break out the bubbly mid-month.
National Classy Day

National Classy Day

Everyone deserves a touch of class in their lives - and today is the day to celebrate your own personal swagger! So, take your own Dame Julie Andrews or Sir Ian McKellan out for a drink and celebrate your individual classiness together!

National Bootlegger’s Day

National Bootlegger’s Day

Today is also the day to remember why bootleggers became so important in this country! Prohibition was a dark yet transformative time for the US - and if you are drinking to celebrate, remember - please do so in moderation!

Rum Facts

National Hot Buttered Rum Day

Perhaps as close as we’ll get to “butterbeer” from the Harry Potter books, hot buttered rum is a tasty treat that’s sure to warm the winter cockles. As it transpires, January 17th is a day of the year that has plenty to do with alcoholic beverages - better take it easy on the celebratory drinks!

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