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On This Day - July 13th

July 13th takes us almost into the middle of July, and we’re getting deeper and deeper into the summer! While it might just feel like an average day otherwise, it’s a big day for fans of the World Cup, Delaware state, and all things geology. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at July 13th – lucky for some!

On this day

facts about Spain

Britain and Spain cleared up some territorial debate.

Spain and the UK have swapped international properties a few times over the years, and one of the most important of these came about through the Utrecht Treaties, one of which was signed on this day back in 1713. This particular signing moved both Minorca and Gibraltar over to British ownership.

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria moved home!

In 1837, Queen Victoria officially moved into Buckingham Palace, which is world-famous for being the residence of the sitting British monarch. However, she was the first monarch to live in the current Buckingham Palace!

Flag of Germany

An important treaty was signed.

July 13th, 1878 marks the date of the signing of the hugely important Treaty of Berlin, which saw both the Soviet Union and Germany agree that they would act neutrally should the other be attacked for up to five years. The treaty effectively replaced the long-standing Treaty of San Stefano. Of course, international relations between Germany and Russia would only get more complex from here.

Roy Chapman Andrews

Roy Chapman Andrews made an important discovery.

In 1923, American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews discovered dinosaur eggs in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. They were the first ever dinosaur eggs recognized on record – and don’t worry, nobody tried warming them up to see if they hatched…

fun facts about FIFA

The first FIFA World Cup took place.

In 1930, the first-ever FIFA football World Cup took place over in Uruguay – and the host team just so happened to be the overall victors, too. They didn’t have too far to travel to take the trophy home!

Special Days Falling on July 13th

July 13th is a great day to celebrate, and not just thanks to the incredible historical events! Here are a few of our favorite notable holidays you may wish to mark.
facts about new mexico

International Rock Day

International Rock Day has nothing to do with music – rather, it’s an important day for anyone interested in geology! This global event encourages people to learn more about the ground they walk on, looking deeply into the history of geological study – or even just painting a few stones and pebbles for arts and crafts!

Facts of Montenegro

Sovereignty Day of Montenegro

While Montenegro has since become a separate territory of its own in the past few years, its journey to sovereignty first began on July 13th, 1878. While Montenegro’s independence day falls each May 21st, today marks the date the Berlin Congress first ushered in the country’s sovereignty. As such, it’s a day of celebration, parades, and national pride!

Delaware flag

National Delaware Day

Today is also a day that we get to celebrate one of our great states, Delaware! In fact, July 13th marks the official day that the state became completely independent from the British. By doing so, Delaware was the first state to break free – hence its nickname, the “First State!” Take some time to read up on Delaware’s history and maybe take a road trip!

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