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On This Day - July 20th

What is it about July 20th that makes it so special? It may not be a big day in your own calendar, but as you’re about to see, there’s plenty of interesting historical moments that sprung up on July 20th heading back years and decades. If it’s your birthday today, you share it with some pretty famous people, too! Let’s crack on.

On this day


Bayezid’s Empire came to an end.

The history of the Ottoman Empire is just as fascinating as it is lengthy – and this day marks a pivotal moment in a disruption in the balance of power. July 20th marks the day that Bayezid I’s forces fell to Timur and his armies vis-a-vis the Battle of Ankara. This led to a dramatic change in leadership!

Alice Mary Robertson

Alice Mary Robertson made history!

In 1921, Congresswoman Alice Mary Robertson presided over the floor of the US House of Representatives. She was the first woman ever to do so – and led the way for women in Congress for the decades to pass.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler survived an attack.

In 1944, Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler survived an assassination attempt. The attempt became known as the July 20th plot or Operation Valkyrie. It was orchestrated by a group of German officers led by Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg – and it was dramatized as part of the Tom Cruise movie “Valkyrie.”

Facts about Cuba

The US and Cuba made peace… of sorts.

In 2015, the United States and Cuba officially re-established diplomatic relations. This marked a significant shift in their relationship following decades of tension – particularly during the missile crisis.

Facts about China

China made a big announcement!

In 2017, China announced a plan against foreign garbage. No, not TV shows and movies! They banned 24 categories of plastic and recyclable waste from 2018 onwards – now that’s commitment to the cause.

Special Days Falling on July 20th

Stuck for something to celebrate today? Luckily, we’ve got you covered – with some of the wild and wonderful reasons people mark July 20th on the calendar.

World Chess Day

Whether you’re a fan of Netflix smash “The Queen’s Gambit” or not, there are plenty of great reasons to start playing chess. The immensely popular game of wits has been around for centuries – and today, players celebrate the official establishment of the International Chess Federation, or FIDE. Why not play a few games of your own?

Facts about Colombia

Colombia Independence Day

July 20th is Colombia’s chance to shine, as it’s the date the nation celebrates its breaking free from Spanish rule. Specifically, the occasion marks the success of the “Junta de Santa Fe,” which resulted in a rebellion that led to the establishment of several republics. Colombia really led the way, and today’s a fine day to celebrate.

Flag of Honduras

Lempira Day

Anyone local to Honduras will tell you that July 20th is one of the most important dates on their national calendar. Today marks the success of the legendary Chief Lempira, who is said to have led 30,000 people to fight against the conquering Spanish. While Lempira didn’t succeed in his mission, he’s still remembered for his heroic actions to this day. In fact, you’ll even see him on the one lempira note – he and the currency share a name!

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