🗓️ On This Day - July 23rd

What is it that makes July 23rd so special? As it happens, there’s a lot to dig into! July 23rd is a great day to look back on the history of writing, remembering national heroes, and even for celebrating our gorgeous Grandmas. We’re not kidding! Take a look at all the facts and figures we’ve pulled together on July 23rd below.

On this day


William Austin Burt received an important document!

In 1829, William Austin Burt received a patent for the typographer. It was the precursor to the typewriter, and so the ancestor of all our keyboards! Now you know who to thank for those clicky noises when you type!

Facts of Austria

The Bandieras were executed.

Revolts against Austria’s control of Italy were, for some time, quashed by the state – and revolutionaries including Emilio and Attilio Bandiera were, on this day, executed as a result of their revolt falling at the last post. The execution of 11 revolutionaries occurred on this date back in 1844.

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Our favorite desserts were changed forever.

In 1904, the first ice cream cone was created by Charles E. Menches. He created it during the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri! Where would our summer days be without his creamy, whipped creation?

Air Canada

Air Canada got lucky!

In 1983, Air Canada Flight 143 ran out of its fuel mid-flight! However, it managed to make a successful emergency landing in Gimli, Manitoba, Canada! We’re guessing that everyone was pretty relieved – and the plane went down in history known as the “Gimli Glider.”

Facts of Serbia

Milošević came to power.

Slobodan Milošević, who would later go on trial for genocide and war crimes, would on this day in 1997 become President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. He’d been the President of Serbia since the late 80s – and was eventually apprehended as a result of his crimes in Kosovo. He died mid-trial, however, in 2006.

Special Days Falling on July 23rd

As we mentioned above, July 23rd is a date to celebrate, and here are some of the best reasons why!
Facts of the Philippines

Apolinario Mabini Day

Apolinario Mabini is a national hero of the Philippines – he’s said to have helped provide “brainpower” to the Filipino revolution, and was instrumental in drafting the country’s constitution. In celebration of his work and of the country’s ongoing independence, July 23rd is celebrated across the Philippines in Mabini’s honor.

Sjoren's Syndrome

World Sjögren’s Day

World Sjögren’s Day is marked each year on July 23rd in an attempt to boost awareness of Sjögren’s syndrome, an immunity condition that affects sufferers in many different ways. It’s mainly marked by dry mouths and eyes, and can result in joint problems, dry cough, and excessive fatigue. It’s a highly complex condition, and one people do their best to raise awareness of today.


Gorgeous Grandma Day

Grandmas are the backbones of all nations! These incredible ladies started it all for us, are there for us whenever we need them, and even keep our parents in check when we need it! So, today, make sure you thank your gorgeous grandma for all that she does, and all that she is.

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