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On This Day - June 20th

June 20th plunges us even further into summer in the upper hemisphere, and with it, we have ample opportunities to learn about societal change and monarchy history, and even to get our desks and projects in order! Keep reading for the complete lowdown on June 20th, along with a few things you can celebrate if today's not already a big day in your calendar.

On this day

King Louis XVI

King Louis XVI and his family were captured.

Back in 1791, during the French Revolution, King Louis XVI and his family were caught as they attempted to leave Paris. Let’s just say that the revolutionaries did not, in fact, let them eat cake! In fact, it was pretty difficult to eat anything without a head, so we’re told!

SS Savannah

The SS Savannah finished its journey.

In 1819, the SS Savannah finally reached Cork in Ireland, having spent 29 days and 11 hours out at sea! It was the first-ever steamship to cross the Atlantic Ocean, or any kind of ocean, for that matter – having set off from Savannah, Georgia.

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria ascended to the throne.

In 1837, today was the date that Queen Victoria ascended to the British throne following the death of her uncle, King William IV. She became Queen at the age of just 18, and ruled for an impressive 63 years!


Samuel Morse patented an important invention!

Back in 1840, Samuel Morse finally got the patent for his incredible invention, the telegraph, as of June 20th that year. The telegraph arguably helped to change communication for the better the world over, and even now, Morse Code comes in handy during covert operations.


“People are friends, not food!”

Maybe someone should have told Jaws! The big great white shark villain first hit our screens back on June 20th, 1975. The film, directed by Steven Spielberg, which was based on the book by Peter Benchley, became an instant cinematic classic – creating a whole genre of movies on its own.

Special Days Falling on June 20th

You don’t need to have a birthday or an anniversary today to make the most of June 20th! Today happens to be a great occasion for upping your productivity, thinking about those who need shelter, and marveling at majestic birds. Here are some special occasions you may wish to mark.
The Holocaust

World Refugee Day

June 20th is a sobering occasion for many, as we’re all encouraged to think about people from war-torn countries and communities who are forced to flee for their lives. Immigration laws the world over often paint refugees out to be “the bad guys” – but what would you do in their situation? Take the time to read up on refugee stories and maybe even make a contribution to a charity.

Team of doctors studying DNA mutation, chemist checking tests from tubes while nurses taking notes on notebook and pc. Scientists examining virus evolution using high tech for vaccine development.

World Productivity Day

It’s difficult to be productive sometimes, especially when we’re tired and have so many life events going off at once. Today, on World Productivity Day, think carefully about the time you use, and maybe get on with a few jobs and projects you’ve been meaning to for a while!

National American Eagle Day

The US loves its symbols, but none are quite as majestic as the American Eagle! So, today – on National American Eagle Day – take time to look up these wonderful creatures and learn about conservation attempts to keep them happy in the wild.

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