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On This Day - May 27th

So you thought that May 27th was just another day? How wrong you are - regardless of whether or not you're celebrating today, May 27th is ideal for learning more about war and civil rights history, as well as enjoying a grape popsicle or two! Here are some big reasons why May 27th is always worth remembering.

On this day

Dunkirk port

The evacuation of Dunkirk took place.

One of the most infamous battles of the Second World War is that which took place at Dunkirk. And, on this very date back in 1940, the British and Allied forces began the evacuation that saved thousands. It's known as D-Day to millions and a clear reason for celebration for decades to come.

Sink the Bismarck poster

They sank the Bismarck!

Of course, the movie "Sink The Bismarck" is famous enough in its own right, but the actual sinking of this famous German warship was a huge triumph for Allied forces in World War II, a year on from the Dunkirk evacuation.

Ernest Green

Ernest Green made history.

In 1958, Ernest Green became the very first African American to graduate from Little Rock’s Central High School. However, the event created a crisis due to people protesting race equality - thankfully, educational barriers have broken down more over the years, though there’s still a lot of work to be done.

John and Yoko

He imagined all the people.

In 1971, the now iconic song “Imagine” was recorded by John Lennon at his Ascot Sound home studio in England. Around a decade later, Lennon would tragically lose his life in an assassination - and this particular song would remain hugely popular for its strong message of peace that runs core.

Sex Pistols' God Save the Queen

The Sex Pistols created a scandal!

In 1977, The Sex Pistols released their song "God Save the Queen," an ironic anti-Royalist record that timed in with the Queen's Jubilee. However, the song didn't go over too well with many, and actually created a lot of controversy! It was eventually banned from being played by the BBC but has since become a punk classic.

Special Days Falling on May 27th

Just because there are no holiday decorations up does not mean that there’s nothing to celebrate in May! It’s time to break out the popsicles, get yourself sun-ready, and… tape up some parcels?!
grape popsicle

National Grape Popsicle Day

Although the world may not agree on a lot, we can all agree that the best popsicle flavor ever is grape, right? Whatever your favorite popsicle flavor, today is the day to honor grape in particular - so wait for your local ice cream truck, or head to your local store and share some grape popsicles with those you love today.

Scotch tape

National Cellophane Tape Day

Cellophane tape may seem like a pretty weird reason for celebration, but think about how much you likely use it across the year! Without it, birthday and Christmas wrapping would simply fall apart - so, in any way you can, why not celebrate today by wrapping up a few gifts for the people in your life? We wouldn’t recommend wrapping a popsicle, but you do you…

sunscreen application

National Sunscreen Day

Keeping safe in the Sun is absolutely vital. If you don’t protect your skin against the sun’s rays, you’re going to risk painful lesions - which is why splashing on some sunscreen is super-important. Take today to invest in a high-factor bottle and head on out to the beach.

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