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On This Day - November 20th

It’s official – we are now well into the last third of November, and that means we are edging ever closer to Christmas. However, there are plenty of other reasons to continue marking November’s dates on the calendar, with November 20th proving to be a popular date for millions of people all over the world. Let’s take a look at some facts about November 20th, a few famous birthdays, and a bit about what makes Scorpios, who are born today, tick.

On this day


Diocletian became Emperor of the Roman Empire.

In 284, the Roman soldier Diocletian was proclaimed Emperor. He was proclaimed so by the army. He would reign alone until around 286 AD before taking on a co-reign until 305 AD in the East. Diocletian is said to have helped reform and stabilize the Empire significantly.

Facts about racism

King Zumbi was executed.

In 1695, Zumbi, the last King of the Quilombo dos Palmares in early Brazil and former slave, was executed. His head was then displayed on a pike to ruin any legends of his immortality. A grim conclusion – but one we remember, nonetheless.


The Second Treaty of Paris was accepted.

In 1815, the Second Treaty of Paris was accepted. The treaty stated that France and its allies agreed that France would pay financial indemnities after the Battle of Waterloo. In doing so, the Napoleonic Wars came to an end. Napoleon himself would face exile and eventually die beyond France.

Nazi Germany Flag

The Nuremberg War Trials began.

In 1945, the Nuremberg War Trials began. 24 Nazi leaders were put on trial in front of judges that represented the winning Allies. Out of a total of 177 defendants taking part in the trials, 24 faced the death penalty, and 20 received life in prison.

red ribbon

The WHO announced a global effort.

In 1986, the WHO (World Health Organisation) officially announced the first-ever global effort to combat AIDS. While there is still no full cure for AIDS, people can now live safely with the condition – and there’s continued steps forward in developing a vaccine.

Special Days Falling on November 20th

November 20th is a day for remembering the past and looking to the future. Here are some of the biggest events taking place around the world today.
Interesting facts about Central African Republic

Africa Industrialization Day

For the people of Africa, every November 20th is Industrialization Day. The day is dedicated to the governments and organizations across various African countries dedicated to the continent’s industrial evolution, which is still ongoing. It also helps to bring international attention to Africa’s concerns when it comes to its place in the world – it’s much more developed than many people imagine, but there are ongoing challenges from country to country.

Facts about racism

Black Consciousness Day

For the people of Brazil, November 20th is Black Consciousness Day. The day is dedicated to the memory of Zumbi, a leader in the resistance to slavery. The day also reminds us to remember the injustices African descendants and black communities have faced in the country and across the world for centuries.

Facts about Argentina

National Sovereignty Day

And, for the people of Argentina, November 20th is National Sovereignty Day. As the name suggests, this day commemorates the Battle of Vuelta de Obligado, the fight that led to the nation’s jurisdiction within its own territory, i.e., its sovereignty. Today, the people of Argentina remember those who fought for that sovereignty and continue to fight for its freedom.

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This month in history

In 1992, the U.S. military finally departed the Philippines. They had been there for nearly a century. They did so as in 1991, the country’s Senate had voted against renewing the lease for the US military base stationed there. The end of an era!

Famous Birthdays on November 20th

Maximinus II, Emperor of the Roman Empire, born 270 AD

Edwin Powell Hubble, American astronomer, born 1889

Robert F. Kennedy, American senator, born 1925

Bo Derek, American actor, born 1956

Future, American rapper and record producer, born 1983

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Facts

If you were born on November 20th…


…you’re a Scorpio! Let’s face it: you’re a veritable force of nature! Nothing can stop you when something’s in your sights!


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