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On This Day - November 22nd

By the time we’ve reached November 22nd, most of us are just counting the days till the end of the month so we can start focusing on the festivities that December brings. However, before you let today go by too fast, maybe take some time to see what actually makes it one of the most important dates of the year!

On this day

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Józef Piłsudski took power.

In 1918, Marshal Józef Piłsudski became the first President of Poland. That is to say, he took power as Poland’s dictator. He was in office until December 1922.


Harry Greenberg was killed.

In 1939, Whitey Krakower, Bugsy Siegel, Albert Tannenbaum, and Frankie Carbo killed Harry “Big Greenie” Greenberg. He was killed outside of his apartment after threatening to become a police informant.

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Lebanon was freed.

In 1943, France officially recognized the independence of Lebanon, and in so doing, they released the imprisoned Lebanese government. Sadly, the region has continued to face crisis in the years that have followed.

facts about the 1960s

John F. Kennedy was killed.

In one of the most shocking events of the 20th century, US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated while part of a motorcade, traveling through Dallas, Texas. He was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald, making JFK only the fourth President ever to be assassinated while serving power.

Facts of Israel

Israel was forced to give back land.

In 1967, the UN Security Council officially passed Resolution 242. This was to declare that Israel must return the land they were occupying. Unfortunately, concerns over Israel and land continue to this day.

Special Days Falling on November 22nd

November 22nd is also an important day thanks to the special events it brings from all over the globe. Here are some of the biggest events taking place today.
Facts about Canada

Housing Day

For the people of Canada, November 22nd is Housing Day. The day is there to remind us all of the difficulties homeless people face every day. Even in a nation as rich as Canada, there are still hundreds of thousands of homeless people. So, today, consider how you can help them and what you can do to end homelessness forever – even if that means making a small donation here and there.

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Lebanon Independence Day

For the people of Lebanon, November 22nd is Independence Day! To honor the country’s independence, today, there is an official army march in Beirut, as well as fireworks, concerts, and a whole host of other cultural festivities to honor the day and all it represents for the people of the nation, regardless of the crises the country has faced in recent times.

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Humane Society Anniversary Day

November 22nd is also Humane Society Anniversary Day. The day is dedicated to the world’s biggest animal protection organization. To this day, animals all over the world are still treated cruelly, tortured, and abandoned. So, today, see what you can do to help this organization, or indeed any animal protection organization, in their fight to help and save animals under senseless threat of human aggression.

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