Lucy Australopithecus

On This Day - November 24th

We are officially in the last week of November, and many of us are ready to kick off December! But, before we say goodbye to this month, here are a few things you should know about November 24th. As it happens – probably unsurprisingly – it’s a day full of all kinds of interesting facts and figures, and there are also a few famous birthdays worth brushing up on, too.

On this day

venus facts

The Transit of Venus was first observed.

In 1639, Jeremiah Horrocks and William Crabtree observed the Transit of Venus officially for the first time. This observation helped to establish the size of the Solar System – and to this day, Venus remains one of the most interesting planets thanks to the fact it spins backwards!

Van Diemen’s Land

Abel Tasman made an important discovery.

In 1642, Abel Tasman, a Dutch explorer, became the first European to officially discover Van Diemen’s Land. That would later be known as Tasmania – and now you know who the Devil is named after, too!

Algeria Facts

France entered Algeria.

In 1954, France sent 20,000 soldiers to Algeria, occupying territory for over a decade before eventually leaving in 1962. This became known as the Algerian War, and it would transpire with Algeria gaining its independence from France at the end of the conflict.

lee harvey oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald was shot.

Lee Harvey Oswald, the man who assassinated US President John F. Kennedy, was himself shot on this day back in 1963. Believe it or not, he was shot while under police escort – Jack Ruby, the assailant, shot the shooter live on television, too.

Lucy Australopithecus

Lucy Australopithecus was discovered

In 1974, Lucy, Australopithecus, the most complete ancient human skeleton was discovered in Ethiopia's Afar Depression, in the Middle Awash. Who knows what other remains lie out there yet to be discovered?

Special Days Falling on November 24th

While it’s always good to look back on some of the most interesting moments history has brought us, it’s always good to look around us at what’s going on in the here and now. Here are some of the biggest events that November 24th brings.
DB Cooper

D.B Cooper Day

D.B Cooper Day is celebrated every November 24th, and is dedicated to one of the most famous and dumbfounding mysteries of all time. If you don’t know, back in 1971, a sharp-suited man by the name of Cooper hijacked a plane bound from Portland to Seattle. He then parachuted off it and appeared to disappear into thin air. What’s more, he was never found again, dead or alive. Every November 24th, Ariel, Washington, the town Cooper is believed to have landed in, hosts a festival celebrating the mystery.

Sardines in a can - On This Day in History, February 17th

National Sardines Day

Every November 24th is also National Sardines Day. These little fish make for some of the best-tasting savory dishes on the planet! They also happen to be very good for us. And, we use them in a whole host of ways! From bait and food, to fish oil, and more. They are a great source of omega-3s, vitamin D, B12, B2, phosphorus, calcium, and more!

working ballet dancer

Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day

They say we all have a calling or a reason why we were “put here,” so to speak – and today is a great day to explore each other’s unique talents. Whether you have a great ear for music or you’re a budding artist – or even if you can simply bend your arms and legs in strange ways, it’s still worth celebrating!

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