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On This Day - November 28th

November 28th doesn’t seem like that big a deal unless you’re celebrating it for personal reasons. That said, there are actually plenty of great excuses to mark the occasion – and in this guide, we’ve brought together some historical facts, some famous birthdays, and a quick introduction to the star sign of the day. Let’s dive into November 28th…

On this day

eleanor of castile

Eleanor of Castile died

In 1291, Eleanor of Castile, wife of King Edward I of England, died in Northamptonshire. Crosses were erected on the way to London to mark her passing. Edward I would live until 1307, eventually succeeded by his son, Edward II.

the times

The Times went to the automatic presses.

In 1814, the Times of London was first printed by automatic, steam powered presses. The presses were built by German inventors Friedrich Koenig and Andreas Friedrich Bauer. This invention made newspapers available to a mass audience for the very first time – and yet now, we get much of our news online!


Women voted for the first time – anywhere!

In 1893, women voted for the first time in a national election. This occurred in New Zealand, during the country’s general election for that year. It’s hard to believe women haven’t always had the privilege of voting – but thankfully, New Zealand was there to lead the way.

nancy astor

Nancy Astor’s election blazed a trail.

In 1919, American-born Lady Nancy Astor was elected into the British House of Commons. She was the first-ever female member of the house – and since her election, the UK has even welcomed three different female Prime Ministers! It all goes back to Lady Astor!

interesting facts about NASA

NASA launched its Mariner 4 spacecraft.

Today also marked a major first for NASA, as back in 1964, it was the date it launched the history-making Mariner 4 – the first spacecraft of its kind to fly past Mars, and even send images back to Earth. We got a little closer to exploring the stars on this day all those years ago!

Special Days Falling on November 28th

This November 28th, we recommend looking to the people around you and seeing what makes today so special for them. To help you get started, here are some of the most important events taking place around the world today.
Facts of Albania

Albania Independence Day

For the people of Albania, November 28th is one of the most important days of the year. That’s because it’s their Independence Day! The day celebrates the moment the Albanian Declaration of Independence from the Ottoman Empire was taken into account by Ismail Qemali on this very date in 1912. It also celebrates the rise of the Albanian flag in Vlora.

facts about Mauritania

Mauritania Independence Day

For the people of Mauritania, November 28th is just as important as it is for the people of Albania as it is their Independence Day, too! The people of Mauritania gained their independence from the French on this very day decades ago, and they have celebrated this day ever since.

interesting facts about Mars

Red Planet Day

November 28th is also dedicated to the red planet herself, Mars. This incredible planet has captivated our curiosity and imagination for centuries, so it is only right that it has its own celebration – will we ever set foot on the red planet? Who’s going to get there first? Time will tell!

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This month in history

In 1497, Portuguese navigator Vasco Da Gama led a fleet of four ships to become the first person to sail around the Cape of Good Hope. Initially, his crew was searching for a sea route to India.

Famous Birthdays on November 28th

Margaret Tudor, Queen consort of Scots, born 1489

William Blake, English poet, born 1757

Randy Newman, American musician, born 1943

Mary Elizabeth Winstead, American actor, born 1984

Karen Gillan, Scottish actor, born 1987

interesting facts about Sagittarius

If you were born on November 28th…

…you’re a Sagittarius! You’re a great person to talk to! You’re open-minded, intelligent, and always ready to make people laugh. You’re also pretty self-confident, too – you know your strengths! If you’re new to reading horoscopes and are fascinated by the stars, we’ve lined up even more facts for you.


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