The Mask of Agamemnon

On This Day - November 30th

It’s the last day of the month, and we are all ready to start December! However, before we say goodbye to November, it’s important to honor all the things that make its last day so special. For example, here are some of the most interesting things about November 30th – and we share some famous birthdays with you below, too.

On this day

Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin received a bold reward.

In 1753, Benjamin Franklin received the Godfrey Copley medal. He received the honor for “his curious experiments and observations on electricity.” Seems like flying that kite was worth the effort!

Facts of Italy

The death penalty was abolished in Tuscany.

In 1786, the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Leopold II, promoted a penal reform. This made his state the first one ever to abolish the death penalty.

soccer ball

The first international kick-off took place.

On this day in 1872, the world’s first international soccer match kicked off – between England and Scotland, who would draw the match 0-0. Ok – the two countries aren’t exactly worlds apart, but the international label still counts!

The Mask of Agamemnon

The Mask of Agamemnon was found.

In 1876, Heinrich Schliemann, a famous archaeologist, found the gold Mask of Agamemnon. It was found in Mycenae, now known as Greece.

Green River Killer

The deadliest serial killer in US history was caught.

Gary Ridgway, known to many as the Green River Killer, was arrested for the murder of multiple women on this day in 2001. Ridgway is thought to have murdered up to 80 women during his spree, however, he only pled guilty to killing 48 of them.

Special Days Falling on November 30th

On this last day of November, we think it is just as important to consider the people of today as it is those of the past. With that in mind, here are some of the biggest celebrations and commemorations taking place around the world today.
Facts of Barbados

Barbados Independence Day

Every November 30th is Barbados Independence Day! The day honors the island country's independence from Great Britain, having spent over 360 years under the country's rule! To celebrate, there are lightings of parliament buildings, as well as lights all over public buildings and roads. You will also find arts and sports competitions, social events, and parades unfolding across the country.

Facts of the Philippines

Bonifacio Day

For the people of the Philippines, November 30th is Bonifacio Day. The day honors Andrés Bonifacio, who is recognized as a national hero. He was one of the founders of a secret society of revolutionaries known as the Katipunan – and for that, he is often referred to as the Father of the Philippine Revolution.

Day Remembrance for All Victims of Chemical Warfare

Day of Remembrance for All Victims of Chemical Warfare

For people all over the world, November 30th is the Day of Remembrance for All Victims of Chemical Warfare. The day was created by the UN (United Nations) to help all of us remember the countless victims that have been lost to chemical warfare. It also is there to help affirm and remind us of the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and their commitment to stopping the use of chemical weapons, period.

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This month in history

In 1920, Ireland’s Bloody Sunday, took place. The IRA (Irish Republican Army) shot and killed 14 British soldiers and one Irish sergeant. The event was part of the Irish War of Independence, and the massacre eventually led to more than 30 deaths in total. The event is not to be confused with the Bloody Sunday of 1972, otherwise known as the Bogside Massacre, where British soldiers killed unarmed civilians.

Famous Birthdays on November 30th

Casimir IV Jagiellon, King of Poland, born 1427

Mark Twain, American author, born 1835

Winston Churchill, English statesman, born 1874

Ben Stiller, American comedian and actor, born 1965

Kaley Cuoco, American actor, born 1985

interesting facts about Sagittarius

If you were born on November 30th…


…you’re a Sagittarius! You’re determined, optimistic, and kind. You’re a great leader, although you like to get things done alone, too. You also tend to be a bit of a joker, meaning people turn to you to help break the tension sometimes. Regardless, you’re a great friend and partner.


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