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On This Day - October 11th

As Halloween approaches, it's easy to start letting the days go by in anticipation. However, October 11th is no day to let go by! There’s so much that has taken place on this date throughout history, and we have all of the information right here. If you’re already celebrating in any way, congratulations – and here are a few more reasons why October 11th is worth marking.

On this day

Flag of Germany

A flood hit Germany.

In 1634, the Burchardi flood, also known as the second Grote Mandrenke, hit North Friesland, Denmark, and Germany. It reportedly killed about 15,000 people, making it one of Germany’s worst-ever natural crises.

Facts of New Delhi

Calcutta was also affected by a natural disaster.

In 1737, an earthquake hit Calcutta in India and reportedly killed about 300,000 people. However, now, it is believed that the number was grossly exaggerated, and while there were victims of the earthquake, it is believed that around 3,000 people died as opposed to 300,000.

battle of camperdown

The Battle of Camperdown took place.

In 1797, the Battle of Camperdown took place at sea, where the British eventually defeated the Dutch fleet with a little help from revolutionary French forces.

Facts about China

The Chinese Civil War began.

In 1945, the Chinese Civil War began. The war was between the Kuomintang government led by Chiang Kai-shek and the Communist Party led by Mao Zedong.

Franklin d Roosevelt

Albert Einstein warned the President!

In 1939, German physicist Albert Einstein informed President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the possible dangers and effects of an atomic bomb. It did not, however, prevent the events leading to and following the Manhattan Project.

Special Days Falling on October 11th

October 11th is the perfect day to honor the girls we know, the ones we love, and the people who save us every day. Here are some of the most interesting celebrations taking place around the world today.
Elementary girl practicing digital piano at school

International Day of the Girl Child

Countries around the world celebrate International Day of the Girl Child on October 11th every year. The day was created to empower young women and girls to speak up, recognize their power, and stand for their rights. We sadly still very much live in a world where girls are treated differently to boys, and today is an important occasion to remind our women of tomorrow that they have every right to stand up for each other, for what they believe in, and to never let the patriarchy win!


National Coming Out Day

Even in this modern world, being a part of the LGBTQ+ community not only earns people hate and criticism but, in certain countries, it guarantees violence and even death. That is why days like today are so important to raise awareness about the difficulties people of the LGBTQ+ community face every day, and what we should all do to learn how to respect, celebrate, and protect our fellow people, no matter who they love.

Happy family

National Spread Joy Day

October 11th is just as much a joyous day as it is a pensive one! Spreading joy in the world will always do more than spreading sadness or hate. So, today, turn off the news, focus on the ones you love, your community, and anything that makes you happy, and spread a little joy!

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