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On This Day - October 18th

What is it about October 18th that makes today so remarkable? If you’re not already celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, it might seem like just another date on the calendar – but you’d be surprised at just how important this date actually is! In this guide, we’ve rounded up some of the most important and fascinating events to have taken place on October 18th.

On this day

Robert Guiscard

The Battle of Dyrrhachium took place.

In 1081, the Battle of Dyrrhachium took place. During the battle, the Byzantine army under Alexios I Komnenos was defeated by the Southern Italian Normans under Robert Guiscard.

Batu Khan

Chernigov surrendered.

In 1240, the Ukrainian city of Chernigov surrendered. However, even after surrendering, the city was still sacked and pillaged by the Mongolian army of Batu Khan. Batu Khan was one of (many) grandchildren of Genghis Khan, and would continue to conquest up until his death in 1255.

Facts of Switzerland

Basel was destroyed.

In 1356, a devastating earthquake struck Basel in Switzerland. It was the biggest recorded seismological event north of the Alps! To this day, it’s still widely regarded as perhaps the most significant seismic event to have taken place in central Europe – to this date.

Phillis Wheatley

Phillis Wheatley was freed.

In 1775, African-American poet Phillis Wheatley was freed from slavery. She went on to become the first ever African American author of published poetry in book form – and is therefore revered as a trailblazer in her own right. Some of her most popular poems include An Hymn To The Morning, A Farewell To America, and His Excellency General Washington.

Flag of Alaska

The US took Alaska!

In 1867, the US took formal possession of Alaska from Russia. They paid $7.2 million for the territory, which would later become a state. It actually wouldn’t become a state until 1959, when it became the 49th to ascend to such status.

Special Days Falling on October 18th

October 18th is just as much about the celebrations as it is about the history. Here are some of the biggest celebrations taking place around the world today.
Facts of Bermuda

Flora Duffy Day

For the people of Bermuda, every October 18th is Flora Duffy Day. The national holiday is dedicated to Dame Flora Duffy D.B.E., a Bermudian triathlete. She won the first-ever gold medal for Bermuda at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. In doing so, she made Bermuda the smallest country to win a gold medal at the Olympics yet!

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Health Care Aide Day

For the people of Canada, October 18th is Health Care Aide Day. The government of Manitoba created the day to honor the healthcare aides of the country who work tirelessly to help those who need them. Give thanks to the healthcare professionals in your life today if you can!

facts about menopause

World Menopause Day

World Menopause Day is designed to spread awareness about the transition women everywhere have to go through. For some, it can be easier to go through than others, but whatever your experience, it’s a huge biological change. For many women, menopause can be a frightening time – which is why it’s important to reach out for resources and help today if you’re experiencing it.

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