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On This Day - October 1st

By October 1st, many of us in the northern hemisphere are already decorating our homes for Halloween, hollowing out the pumpkins, and hanging the cobwebs all around! It’s the first day of the month for tricks and treats! And, we have the perfect treat for you right here. Here are some of the most fascinating things to know about October 1st, and why this date is worth remembering for the years ahead.

On this day

Battle of Rancagua

The Battle of Rancagua began.

In 1814, October 1st marked the fateful day the Battle of Rancagua began. During the battle, the Spanish army was defeated by a rebel Chilean army, thus ending what became known as the Chilean Vieja.

interesting facts about Europe

Europe was redrawn.

Also in 1814, October 1st was the day of the Opening of the Congress of Vienna. The event took place following Napoléon Bonaparte’s defeat in order to redraw Europe’s political map. Bonaparte’s reign wouldn’t last forever, but it certainly left an impression!

Das Kapital

Das Kapital was published.

In 1867, Karl Marx published his famous theoretical work, Das Kapital in Berlin. The text describes the capitalist system and its potential tendency to be unstable and even self-destructive. It helped to kick-start the Marxist school of thought.

Stanford University

Stanford University officially opened.

One of the US’ and indeed the world’s most well-respected universities, Stanford University, officially opened its doors on this day in 1891. The establishment was founded by Leland Stanford and his wife, Jane.


Timor was split in two!

In 1904, the island of Timor was divided between two countries, the Netherlands, and Portugal. Nowadays, the island is divided between the sovereign states of East Timor and Indonesia.

Special Days Falling on October 1st

October 1st is an important date for cultures all over the world. It happens to be a particularly important day for independence, in fact! Here are some of the biggest celebrations taking place around the world today.
Chinese National Day

Chinese National Day

Every October 1st is Chinese National Day! The day honors the end of the dynastic rule in the nation, and the struggle toward democracy. It is one of the most important dates of the year in China, and festivities take place all around the country. If you happen to be there at the time, you're more than likely to come across fireworks, concerts, and all kinds of sports and cultural events!

Facts of Cyprus

Cyprus Independence Day

Every October 1st is also Cyprus Independence Day! The day commemorates the nation's independence from the British and honors those who strived for independence. The day is now a national holiday celebrated by everyone all over the country – though there are technically two halves to the nation, and that’s a completely different, yet equally fascinating, story we highly recommend you read up on. Or, why not visit Cyprus yourself next Independence Day?

Facts of Tuvalu

Tuvalu Independence Day

Speaking of independence, October 1st is also a very important date for Tuvalu! This island nation in the Pacific Ocean celebrates its independence from the British which it gained back in 1978. Now, the island is an independent sovereign state under the Commonwealth. The day is celebrated across the island every October 1st!

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