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On This Day - October 26th

October 26th is more than just another stepping stone on the way toward Halloween here in the West. It’s a big day for all kinds of historical events, and it’s also very popular with Scorpios, too. In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the most popular and important events that took place on this day heading back decades and centuries. If it’s your birthday today, we also share a few facts about some famous birthdays.

On this day

washing machine museum

Hamilton Smith got an important patent.

In 1858, Hamilton Smith gained the patent for a rotary washing machine over in Pittsburgh, US. His invention, although it has been adapted many times since, basically sits in most homes today!

facts about the Red Cross

The Red Cross first started.

In 1863, Geneva played host to an international conference with the goal of improving medical conditions on battlefields. It was the beginning of what we now know as the Red Cross.

gunfight at OK Corral

The Gunfight at OK Corral took place.

In 1884, the most infamous shootout in the Wild West took place between lawmen, including the world-famous Wyatt Earp. Billy Clanton and the McLaury brothers were killed during the shootout.

Itō Hirobumi

Itō Hirobumi was killed.

In 1909, Itō Hirobumi, the Resident-General of Korea and former Prime Minister of Japan, was shot and killed by An Jung-geun, a Korean nationalist. He was killed in Harbin, China.

Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger was arrested.

In 1916, American sex educator Margaret Sanger was arrested for obscenity. She was advocating birth control – and while we live in more enlightened times in some ways, there are still some laws that restrict women’s bodies that are worth raising awareness about.

Special Days Falling on October 26th

October 26th is just as much about the celebrations and commemorations as it is about its history. Here are some of the most important events taking place around the world today.
Facts of New Delhi

Accession Day

For the people of India, October 26th is always Accession Day. The day commemorates the anniversary of Maharaja Hari Singh ceremoniously signing what’s known as the Instrument of Accession with the Government of India. With the signing of the document, Jammu and Kashmir was made a member of the Dominion of India.

Facts of Austria

Austrian National Day

Austrian National Day is celebrated every year on October 26th. On this very day, Austria adopted the Federal Constitutional Law on the Neutrality of Austria. That is to say that it is the day Austria stated its neutrality and declared it would not be involved in any military alliances and wouldn’t allow any military bases to be established on its land. This day is also celebrated as the Day of the Austrian Flag!

interesting facts about 2000s

National Day of the Deployed

This special day honors the service people all over the world, defending their countries, protecting peace, and risking their lives every day to do so. Today, take the time to thank the service people you know and see what you can do to help support them.

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