On This Day - October 28th

October 28th is just another fall day, right? Think again. Today’s a great day to look back at some of the most fascinating moments of societal history, and if you’re marking a birthday today, it’s also a great chance to see which famous people you share your special day with! Keep reading, and we’ll guide you through the most interesting facts about October 28th that you’ll want to remember.

On this day

Henry III

Henry III became king.

In 1216, Henry III, at the age of nine, was crowned King of England at Gloucester Cathedral. He was crowned following the death of his father, King John. Not the easiest job in the world for a kid, we’d wager!

Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino

The first university of the New World opened.

In 1538, the first university in the New World, the Universidad Santo Tomás de Aquino, was established on Hispaniola.

Peru facts

18,000 died in Peru.

In 1746, an earthquake hit the Peruvian cities of Lima and Callao. 18,000 people died from the natural disaster, making it one of the most devastating the region has ever experienced.


We started using fingerprints to find criminals.

In 1904, the St. Louis police tried a new way of investigating. It was the first time they used fingerprints, a method now used frequently in cases across the world to help locate suspected criminals and find perpetrators of various crimes.

interesting facts about prohibition

Prohibition entered into US law.

In 1919, the Volstead Act establishing prohibition of alcohol was passed by the US Congress. The act passed despite President Woodrow Wilson’s veto – however, alcohol prohibition wouldn’t last forever, as it would be revoked by 1933.

Special Days Falling on October 28th

If October 28th seems just like a stepping stone on the way to Halloween, you might want to speak to a few people to whom it means more! For example, here are some of the biggest events taking place around the world today.
Facts of Czech Republic

Czech Founding Day

Every October 28th is Czech Founding Day! The day celebrates the founding of the very first Czechoslovakian state. Today, it is known as the Czech Republic, but that initial change from being part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to being independent led the way to future change that brought the country where it is now.

studio ghibli animation

International Animation Day

October 28th is also International Animation Day! Animation has played and continues to play a significant role in many of our lives. Whether we are artists or not, most of us grew up watching animation and continue to enjoy it every now and then or even frequently as adults! So, today is the day to honor that and all forms of animation from the very beginning to now.

facts about the rnli

National First Responders Day

On October 28th, we also honor all first responders. The people who put their lives on hold, and even on the line, to go to the rescue of strangers. They are the first ones on any scene and always do their utmost to ensure the safety, respect, and help of anyone in need. It is the perfect day to thank them, although we could never thank them enough!

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