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On This Day - September 1st

September 1st is a milestone occasion in many ways. For many kids in the West, it signifies the start of a new period of school – and in the upper hemisphere, it also means the summer is starting to fade into fall. However, don’t lose heart – as there’s plenty to learn about today to keep your spirits up. Here are some facts, figures, and statistics about September 1st you’ll want to remember.

On this day

Emma Nutt

Emma Nutt made telephone operator history.

On this day back in 1878, Emma Nutt became the first-ever female telephone operator! She started work on this very date for the Edwin Holmes Telephone Despatch Company in Boston, MA.

Nazi Jewish Star of David

The Nazis introduced the yellow star of David.

In 1941, today marked the first day that Jews living in Nazi Germany had to start wearing a yellow-color star of David on their clothes. This was to show they were Jewish and to set them apart from others living in the country. It was also just the start of the horrendous acts that would be committed against the Jewish communities living across the nation and deeper into Europe.

The ANZUS treaty

The ANZUS treaty was signed.

In 1951, the ANZUS mutual defense treaty between the US, New Zealand, and Australia was signed. The idea behind the treaty is to protect the Pacific as a trio – and thankfully, the nations have worked together well ever since the signing.

Spring Temple Buddha

China unveiled the Spring Temple Buddha to the world!

In 2008, China made history with the then-tallest statue in the world! The Spring Temple Buddha statue of Vairocana Buddha stood 128 meters (420 feet) tall! It was completed on this day in the Zhaocun township, Henan, in China.

the Paraná River drought

South America faced a drought crisis.

In 2021, the Paraná River in South America, the continent’s second-longest river, reached its lowest levels in 77 years. This was due to the severe drought running through its neighboring areas – it cuts through Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.

Special Days Falling on September 1st

September 1st means a great deal to a great many people around the world, but why? Here are some of the most important events taking place across the globe today.
Slovakia Flag

Slovakia Constitution Day

Slovakia Constitution Day celebrates the official splitting of the two independent nations of the Czech and Slovak Republics. And, people across the country celebrate with dancing, singing, and, of course, the colors of the Republic displayed proudly at Bratislava Castle!

Facts of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Independence Day

September 1st is also a very important day for Uzbekistan, as it is the nation’s Independence Day! The day commemorates Uzbekistan’s independence from the Soviet Union – and, it’s a great opportunity for the people of Uzbekistan to celebrate its individual culture and uniqueness.

National Letter to an Elder Day

World Letter Writing Day

Although many believe that writing letters is a lost art form, plenty of us would still like to preserve putting pen to paper. When was the last time you wrote a letter? Today is the perfect day to get out your pen and paper and write to someone you love. Why not find yourself a pen pal or tell someone you’re thinking of them?

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