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On This Day - September 23rd

Does September 23rd seem boring to you? It may be just another day in your world. But, throughout history, September 23rd has proven to be a date on which anything can happen! Here are some of the most fascinating things about September 23rd – and if today is special to you in any way at all, many happy returns!

On this day


An extravagant feast was held in England.

In 1387, one of the most indulgent medieval English feasts to be recorded was held in London for Richard II and John of Gaunt! The feast reportedly included 14 salted oxen, 1,200 pigeons, 120 sheep, and 11,000 eggs! Bet they took some cracking!

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid was arrested for the first time.

In 1875, future notorious outlaw Billy the Kid, or Henry McCarty, was first arrested and jailed after receiving stolen clothing via Chinese laundry. However, true to his soon-to-be reputation, he escaped two days later! He’d continue to prove infamous up to his passing in 1881.

Hearing aid

The hearing aid hit the markets.

In 1879, Richard Rhodes invented a hearing aid! He called it an audiophone – but regardless of its name, it’s an invention that has gone on to help make millions of lives easier. To this day, people who are hard of hearing rely on their hearing aids to make the most of conversations and entertainment!

Nintendo 64 Launched on this day

Nintendo took shape.

In 1889, Nintendo Koppai was founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi to produce and market Hanafuda, a playing card game. Of course, we all know the company by its other name, Nintendo Company, Limited – and they’d go on to kick-start the video game industry in the mid-1980s following its disastrous crash some years before.

Facts about South Africa

Women’s protests took place in South Africa.

In 1913, women protestors took to the Free State in South Africa. The protests, which Charlotte Maxeke led, intended to resist the government's attempts to impose passes on women. They resisted simply by burning up the passes in front of and in full view of the municipal offices!

Special Days Falling on September 23rd

If you’re feeling like celebrating today, then you will be glad to know that every September 23rd has an abundance of celebrations around the world! Here are some of the biggest events to consider this September 23rd.
Bisexual flag

Celebrate Bisexuality Day

Every September 23rd, several countries celebrate bisexuality – yet sadly, even today, there are territories in which bisexuality is illegal and punishable. That is why it is so important to celebrate it in the countries it is legal and should be accepted – consider it a day of pride for all the bisexual people in your life.

Sign language

International Day of Sign Languages

Did you know that different countries each have their own versions of sign language? So, even if you know ASL in the US, you won't necessarily know how to use non-verbal signs elsewhere in the world! Sign language is vital for millions of people worldwide, and today is the perfect day to start learning a few phrases of your own. There are plenty of tutorials online to help you dive in.

Za'atar shrub

Za’atar Day

Za’atar, a herb that is commonly used in North African and Middle Eastern dishes, is a fabulous seasoning used on meat, vegetables, sauces, and more! And today is the day to celebrate it! So, make your favorite za’atar dishes yourself, or try a new recipe with a little added spice – it’s available from grocery shelves if you look for it!

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