Bollywood Day

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The Byzantine Empire

The Byzantine Empire lost considerable power.

In 1180, Manuel I Komnenos, the last Emperor of the Komnenian restoration, died. This event, historians believe, would lead the Byzantine Empire into a terminal decline. The Empire, known by some as the Eastern Romans, would persist until 1453 – but they’d started their skirmishes as far back as 330 AD.

The Siege of Vienna

The Siege of Vienna began.

In 1529, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and his Ottoman troops arrived in Vienna, thus beginning the eponymous siege. The siege would roll on until October – but it was an important moment for an empire who would rule for almost four further centuries!


An important US Act passed.

In 1789, the US Federal Judiciary Act passed through law, creating a six-person Supreme Court. Things have changed even further since then, but not by much – as there are presently nine people presiding over the court.

Battle of Shiroyama

The Battle of Shiroyama took place.

In 1877, the Battle of Shiroyama unfolded in the Kagoshima region of Japan, eventually ending with a victory for the Imperial Japanese Army over the Satsuma Rebellion. It’s thought all samurai in the rebellion died as a result.

National League for Democracy

The National League for Democracy came into force.

In 1994, the National League for Democracy was formed by Aung San Suu Kyi and other contemporaries in Myanmar, with the goal to fight against the country’s dictatorship. It was a liberal democratic movement that, by 2023, was no longer registering as a political party.

Special Days Falling on September 24th

This September 24th, try celebrating some of the biggest events taking place around the world today! Here’s a few of the most interesting events unfolding globally right now.
Facts about South Africa

South African Heritage Day

Every September 24th, the world gets to celebrate South Africa in all of its glory! For all it has tumultuous political past, South Africa has plenty to be proud of – and today's a great day to learn more about the nation's complex past and its efforts to become a more inclusive nation.


Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving

Around 3,000 people of the Schwenkfelder churches come together with their families on this special day to give thanks! Usually, the day is marked by a service in local Schwenkfelder churches and a meal with loved ones. So, even though it is less popular, it still resembles a traditional US Thanksgiving..

Bollywood Day

Bollywood Day

If you have never seen a Bollywood film, you are missing out! Characterized by incredible costumes, vibrant colors, and wonderful choreography, they are feasts for the eyes and ears that have been enjoyed for generations. So enrich your culture a little more today, and put on some famous Bollywood films! The chances are you already know various stars from Bollywood and may not even realize it.

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